Researchers at the Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS) 2020, Japan


May 15, 2019

Opportunity Cover Image - Researchers at the Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS) 2020, Japan

The Waseda Institute for Advanced Study is committed to promoting the university-wide acceptance of leading researchers from other countries as well as to facilitating the production of research results, scholarly exchange with researchers at Waseda, and other such outcomes. For this purpose, the Institute invites as Visiting Researcher recognized researchers who are doing work at the cutting edge of their fields.

1. Recruitment Fields

Fields corresponding to Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, and Interdisciplinary Research

2. Number of Positions

Several positions

3. Appointment Status

Visiting Senior Researcher or Visiting Researcher (to conclude an Engagement Agreement with the university)

4. Period of Appointment

Appointments are as a rule for a period of 1 month (31days), starting between October 1,2018 and September 30, 2019
*Stay during the term of classes (April-July or October-January) is preferable.
*Next Recruitment for Visiting Researchers appointed after April 1, 2019 will be announced around July, 2018.

5. Application Qualifications

An applicant must:
(1) be a tenured researcher (equivalent to professor or associate professor) at an institution abroad.
(2) have a recommendation of a tenured faculty member from Waseda University (hereinafter referred to as W.U.). The recommender is responsible for the collaborative research activities of this Visiting Researcher at W.U.
(3) have remarkable research achievements.
(4) have research topics which are preferably related to ongoing research projects or activities at W.U.
(5) Preference is given to an applicant who had never been employed by W.U. in the past.

6. Duties

Visiting Researcher’s Duties include:
(1) presenting research/education seminars organized/co-organized by Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (hereinafter referred to as WIAS).
(2) preferably submitting papers to international scholarly journals to present results of research performed during the period of appointment. (The papers should clearly state that those results were obtained while at WIAS.)
(3) engaging in joint research with researchers of W.U.
(4) providing advice and guidance to young researchers and graduate students of W.U.
(5) Other duties shall be determined in prior consultation with the Director of WIAS where necessary.

7. Compensation

(1) Remuneration for the duties will be paid.(in accordance with Institute regulations)
(2) Accommodations will be provided. (in accordance with Institute regulations)
(3) Office space will be provided. (to be assigned to a room in the Building No. 9)

8. Others

We do not respond to any inquiries pertaining to the results of the selection.

9. Application Procedures

Please submit the following documents using the form provided to WIAS Office by e-mail.
(1) Application
(2) Curriculum vitae
(3) Seminar Plan
(4) Letter of Recommendation from W.U. tenured faculty

*Submitted documents will not be used for any other purpose than screening applicants. Application materials will not be returned.

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