Religion News Association & Foundation (RNA) Awards for Religion Reporting Excellence 2019, Columbia

Publish Date: Jan 18, 2019

Deadline: Mar 01, 2019


The RNA Awards showcase religion journalism excellence in the news media, with more than $10,000 in prizes. 

How do I submit payment?

The online entry form includes a payment page where you can pay by credit card or choose "Bill Me" to pay by check (payable to RNA). Accepted credit cards: VISA, MC, DISC, AMEX. If paying for multiple entrants with the same check: choose "Bill me" on each entry form. Submit check (payable to RNA) with a copy of the invoice(s) to RNA, 30 Neff Annex, Columbia, MO 65211-1200. International entrants: credit card payments required. All payments must be in U.S. Dollars. Canadian entrants may also submit checks in U.S. currency. Receipts for credit card transactions are available online at the time of purchase. Receipts for checks are available upon request.


Q: May full-time students (high school, undergrad or graduate) enter categories other than the Chandler Award?

A: Yes, full-time students may enter any categories in which they meet eligibility requirements and as long as you submit different material for each entry.  

Q: Do I have to be a member of RNA to enter?

A: No, but we welcome you to look over our membership benefits and encourage you to join. Plus, members are eligible for the highly discounted contest and conference registration fees.

Q: Do I have to be a religion beat reporter to submit an entry?

A: No. Anyone may enter provided the entrant meets the eligibility requirements.

Q: I work outside North America. May I enter RNA’s contests?

A: Yes. Your entry, however, must be originally published in English to be eligible. Payment must be in U.S. Dollars.

Q: Why would an entry be disqualified, and what is the process for disqualification?

A: An entry is only disqualified if the entrant doesn't meet our eligibility requirements or doesn't follow entry guidelines. Please read the eligibility rules carefully. If you have a question, you may call RNA to resolve the question in advance. Disqualified entries will not be returned and entry fees will be forfeited.


Q: May I submit more than one entry for the same award?

A: Yes. You may submit up to two entries per category, so long as you submit different material for each entry and pay the entry fee.

Q: May I submit entries for other awards too?

A: Yes. You may enter as many RNA awards as you wish, provided you meet the eligibility requirements for each.

Q: May I submit the same entry for multiple awards?

A: Yes, so long as the entry meets the eligibility requirements for the contests you are entering, and you pay the fees for each contest you enter.

Q: Will I receive confirmation that RNA received my entry?

A: Yes. When your entry is successfully submitted, you'll receive a confirmation via email. Be sure to check your spam folder if you can't locate the message.

Q: Who judges the contest?

A: Judges include former contest winners, religion writers or others with specialized knowledge of religion reporting. Judges may not judge contests in which they have a conflict of interest.

Q: How many finalists/winners will the judges choose?

A: The number of winners and finalists varies, based on the number of entries received. At most, judges select up to 10 finalists and from them, three top winners.

Q: When will I know if I’m a finalist?

A: RNA typically posts the finalists on its website no later than June. If an award category does not exceed a minimum number of entries, no finalists will be listed.

Q: When will I know if I’m a winner?

A: The contest chairman will generally contact winners in June or July. Winners are revealed to the general public each fall at an awards banquet during RNA's Annual Conference.

Q: Do I have to collect my prize in person to receive it?

A: No, but most winners try to attend the awards banquet. If winners are unable to attend, we mail them their check and plaque. Contact us if you are a winner in need of financial assistance to attend the banquet.

Q: Do you publish past entries?

A: Yes, at, when possible, we link to the winning entries.

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