Global Entrepreneurship Summit, 4-5 June 2019, USA and Netherlands


January 30, 2019

Event Date:

June 04, 2019 - June 05, 2019

Opportunity Cover Image - Global Entrepreneurship Summit, 4-5 June 2019, USA and Netherlands

Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019

The 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Summit will gather some of the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs innovating in Agriculture, Connectivity, Energy, Health, and Water. GES 2019 offers an unparalleled stage for scale-ups and a chance to showcase their enterprises before a selected group of top investors, founders, funders, experts and policy makers.

The 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Summit is gathering the world’s top entrepreneurs around five innovation sectors. Learn more to see if you should be part of this one-of-a-kind, exclusive event, and apply.

Should you be at GES 2019?

  • conDo you have a transformative tech solution for Agriculture, Connectivity, Energy, Health, or Water?
  • Is your innovation more than just a concept, with a functioning, market-ready business model?
  • Is your enterprise investor-ready and capable to be scaled up internationally?
  • Do you want to join other trailblazers to build entrepreneur-led solutions for the future, now?

Does this sound like you and your company? Then read on. For each scale-up, one representative can apply.

How this lightening application works

Tell us in a few words who you are and what your company does and aims to do. Get us excited about the potential of your solution. We know you are busy building your organization, so this application is short and sweet.

If you want a chance to join, apply before January 30, 2019.

We’ll let you know by March 4, 2019 if we think you are the right fit for this year’s GES focus.

If selected, you must confirm before April 2, 2019.

Application Guide

Please make sure you have the following handy:

  1. Your personal details and an ultrashort bio
  2. Business information on your enterprise, its activities, characteristics, financial situation and scalability
  3. Your investment profile, including 2018 annual revenue
  4. Your pitch, and a 30-second (max) video introducing yourself and your company
  5. Your experience with previous GES editions and your interests for GES 2019

Before applying, please read our privacy policy below. You will be asked to consent to it just before submitting your application.

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