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December 01, 2018

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E-Loop Challenge powered by Recupel

Students  from  all  over  the  world,  join us  to  design  out  e-waste!

Electronics and digital devices help us to act more efficiently in everything we do. Our appetite for digital products and services is speeding up. To feed this appetite, innovation increases at the same pace. Unfortunately, the amount of electronic waste this brings also grows at the same pace. In order to prevent our future from being trapped by a giant flow of e-waste, we need to become revolutionary masters in dealing with this challenge.

The Recupel E-loop Challenge calls for students from all educational and geographical backgrounds who like to become masters in dealing with the problem of e-waste. It creates a unique contest to dive into this problem and design inspiring solutions.

Recupel, the Belgian non-profit association responsible for organising the collection and processing of e-waste invites students to develop a project to prevent, collect and upcycle electronic waste.

“We invite you, students, because the challenge of e-waste needs fresh views and ideas, from all angles of society. That’s why you should grab the opportunity and join our three day empowering bootcamp. Together we’ll take steps forward towards a future without e-waste.”


Together with OVAM, Circular Flanders and WRF, Recupel invites students to cooperate in intercultural and interdisciplinary teams. The students will showcase their talents in a unique context.

A three day bootcamp will take place on the World Resources Forum (24-27 of February), an event that attracts the community putting the circular economy in practice. Here more than 800 experts from local and international authorities, environmental companies, sector federations, civil society and knowledge institutions will gather. During the meeting they will exchange ideas, address bottlenecks in moving the circular economy forward and define new solutions to it. The forum will put you in close contact with a worldwide network of experts and expertise to test and improve your solutions.
The bootcamp will help you position yourself as an innovator for life and help you to develop your core talents and communication skills by making tangible designed solutions.
The Recupel E-Loops challenge offers three design challenges: 

  1. Design for re-use.: how can we design electronics to share them, to make them last longer and/or to make them easier to re-use?
  2. Design for collection: how would a perfect collection system for electronics look like?
  3. Design from recycling: how could we re-use the collected e-waste in the most valuable way?


The outcomes of the challenge should stage a future where in  electronics either or both
•    have a longer lifecycle and are more intensively used
•    are careful and easily collected by the whole community
•     can and will be almost seamlessly and completely re-used.

The outcome should be highly inspirational and demonstrate the efficiency of cross-functional, international thinking and an intense collaboration between students of a wide variety of nationalities and backgrounds.

After the World Resources Forum, we’ll help interested groups taking their solution to the next level.


The Recupel E-loop Challenge is open to students of over 18 years, of any nationality and educational background who want to act as agents of change.

An interest in themes as behavioral change (“nudging”), circular economy, innovation, stakeholder management, technological processing, product or engineering design, innovative cooperation, environmental preservation and education, and sustainable development are a plus to participate.
We call for students with a critical and entrepreneurial mindset, who can combine ambition and great curiosity with a healthy portion of empathy.

Students should be willing to travel to Antwerp (Belgium) and to participate in the bootcamp sessions between 24rd -26th of February 2019. Travel and accommodation will be paid for by the organisation.
Deadline open call: 1 december 2018.
Students will compete in three groups of 5. We search for 15 students in total.


In order to create great diverse teams, they will be selected and composed by the organisation before the 15th of December, based on their entry form and the probability of team fit. The selected members will receive a confirmation e-mail this same day.
Candidates who were not selected to participate, will also receive a notification in the following week.


Being able to participate in the Recupel E-loop Challenge is a win on it’s own. You get a unique opportunity to develop sustainable projects to work on yourself! At the end of the bootcamp you’ll present the invented solutions to the whole conference. A jury at the World Resources Forum will then choose the winning team.

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