Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2018


September 06, 2018


Opportunity Cover Image - Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2018

Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2018

About Nokia Open Innovation Challenge

NOIC offers the opportunity for bright minded companies to propose best-in-class products and solutions within the Industrial IoT domain to an international jury. The jury will then select the most advanced and innovative candidates to attend the final event that will be held in early December at Nokia Bell Labs’ headquarters in Murray Hill, New Jersey. In the final, these finalists will present their innovative products or solutions to the executive level jury who will then select the winners.

The next generation industrial revolution will not only affect traditional industry operators but every single business which has requirements for automation and optimized services. These enterprises are making the leap to higher productivity and quality with the next generation of connectivity and applications.

NOIC is about evolution and revolution. We are looking for something that might already be established but could reach new heights of interest within the industry domain through your idea and with the right support from Nokia; or then something which is a totally new idea and concept but might need some fine tuning to fit the requirements of potential customers.

But be innovative as big innovations occur when people look beyond the obvious, so think big and out of the box. 

About Nokia Bell Labs

Nokia Bell Labs is one of the pre-eminent global research organizations today, with a rich history of solving the great challenges facing the information and communications industry and ‘inventing the future’.  It remains focused on that mission, working on the ‘10x’ challenges that confront the evolution of networks and, given the dependence we increasingly have on those networks, the evolution of the future digital society.

In fact, one could argue that there has never been a more exciting time to be undertaking research in these domains. Bell Labs researchers have been recognized by many of the world’s most prestigious technology organizations for their contributions to science, technology and society. 14 of our researchers have shared in 7 Nobel Prizes for Physics and one Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discoveries ranging from the invention of the technologies that serve as the foundation for all information technology, to the nature of subatomic particles and the origins of the universe. And 4 of our scientists have been awarded the Japan Prize, including Dennis Ritchie and Kenneth Thompson for developing the UNIX® operating system.

Bell Labs researchers are global leaders in their respective disciplines and conduct fundamental and applied research geared toward solving the most formidable networking and communications challenges confronting our world, in IP and Optical networks, ultra-broadband access (wireless and wired), novel communications platforms and systems, new algorithms and protocols, and advanced virtualization and software-defined networking technologies that underpin today’s Cloud infrastructure. The goal is always to discover breakthrough technologies that will make networks 10x faster, smarter, more scalable and more sustainable.

Bell Labs is a global organization with headquarters in Murray Hill, New Jersey, with locations throughout the world, and is the research arm of Nokia.  It collaborates closely with Nokia's product development teams and customers to create new information and communications technologies and to bring them to market, or to create novel intellectual property for commercialization by the wider industry.

Cash prize

NOIC Executive Jury will have the power of discretion to allocate the cash prize to the best fitting submission or submissions.

  • 100K$ 1st place
  • 50K$ 2nd place
  • 25K$ 3rd place

Evaluation criteria

  • Innovativeness, feasibility and scalability of the idea according to the category requirements and examples of Industrial IoT (please take a look of our IoT examples and definitions).
  • Submissions will be assessed considering the joint business potential as well.


  • Co-innovation and joint business opportunities
  • Business and technology boost by accessing Nokia's technologies, products and resources
  • Access to Nokia's global market
  • Investment opportunities
  • Industrial IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) interconnects "things" and autonomously exchanges data between them. "Things" may be machines, parts of machines, smart meters, cameras, sensors or even everyday objects such as hand-held tools or wearables. This capability will bring tremendous possibilities to any kind of enterprise and business environment. To support IoT, advanced next generation communication is needed. Industrial, on the other hand, can be seen as a wider domain than just the traditional manufacturing or production industry. It can really be anything in our everyday life.

We have some themes below for possible technology domains where we as Nokia see opportunities. These are of course not the only possible areas which interest us but they give you an idea about how we look at this new world of Industrial IoT. We are particularly interested if your proposal involves Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation components. This approach would without a doubt make you stand out in the eyes of our jury.   We encourage you to look beyond the obvious as these are not the only possible areas which interest us, but they give you an idea about how we approach this new world of Industrial IoT.  

Next generation private networks for industrial Internet

We are looking for something which could solve simple or complex business challenges within any company, big or small, i.e. potential customers of Nokia. This should be something which could help enterprises or industrial companies take the next step in their digital automation journey: applications, solutions or products which would utilize the most advanced communication network.



Digital manufacturing and utilities

Humans and machines come together, Industry 4.0 powered by advanced industrial wireless communication networks will create new opportunities even for traditional manufacturing companies. These networks can help to improve flexibility and effectivity in production and supply chain/logistics, cut costs and create a safer working environment! We can also securely and seamlessly interconnect infrastructure spanning data centers, offices and branches trough different geographical locations.

Digital site

Nokia is committed to making sites such as airports, land ports and sea ports, mines, oil rigs, warehouses, campuses, and malls adopt and implement smart IoT and other digital technologies to be more customer centric, user friendly and increase value added services efficiently.

Digital mobility and transportation

Nokia is shaping the future of mobility and transportation including cars, drones, trains, and ships by sharing their connectivity services through the Internet of Things – to elevate, differentiate and simplify the experience. IoT will bring humans, vehicles, devices and sensors together to monitor traffic flow, personalize driver settings and entertainment, configure in-vehicle communications, remotely monitor fuel levels, vehicle diagnostics and predictive maintenance to make the journey safer and more enjoyable. 

Digital cities

Nokia is helping to leverage the digitalization of cities through centralized, participative and collaborative interactions between city actors: government, city service providers, industry, and citizens. This action enables the deployment of disruptive information, mobility and safety services in cities. 

Digital life

With the increasing adoption of new digital appliances and services, the way we live, communicate and interact is changing fundamentally. We can enable immersive experiences with a breadth of connectivity options within our homes, hobbies and our work places. All these home accessories and equipment can be connected and managed by you. There is lots of potential to make your daily routines much more enjoyable through modern mobile networks and possible new applications. There is a great opportunity to improve the consumer and customer experience through these future applications with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Terms & conditions

  1. I own all right, title and interest in the idea that I am submitting to Nokia, and no other party has an interest in the idea or any claim to it, or, in the alternative, I am authorized to submit this idea on behalf of the owner of the idea.
  2. I understand that Nokia does not automatically accept, consider as confidential or keep secret any information about an idea that I submit. I agree that no confidential relationship or obligation of secrecy is established between Nokia and me with respect to the idea I submit.
  3. I accept that my idea submission is non-confidential, without limitation.
  4. I understand that by submitting my idea, I do not grant any rights to Nokia under any issued and valid patents that may exist now or that may be granted to me in the future. However, I understand and agree that Nokia’s acceptance of my submission, any consideration it may pay to me, or its use of the idea submitted, shall not impair Nokia’s rights to contest the validity or the non-infringement of any patent claims or other intellectual property rights in my idea.
  5. If my idea is protected or potentially protectable by a valid and issued patent, or is original and novel to Nokia and is adopted by Nokia, any license or transfer of my rights, and compensation for my idea, if any, will be set forth as part of a separate written agreement between Nokia and me.
  6. If Nokia decides that it would like additional information which I am only willing to disclose to Nokia on a confidential basis, Nokia will only accept the additional information if we have first signed a separate agreement clearly setting forth the scope of the material to be considered as confidential, the time period for any confidentiality obligations, and any other mutually agreeable terms and conditions.
  7. Nokia reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to award, or not to award, as well as amend or revise prizes as Nokia deems fit for submissions considered most innovative. Furthermore, Nokia specifically reserves the right to disqualify from the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge any submissions that Nokia determines, in its sole discretion, to not comply with the terms and conditions applicable to the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge.
  8. I understand and agree that I shall be responsible for my own taxes and shall pay all taxes or levies imposed on me under the applicable laws, regulations and tax treaties as a result of receiving a prize during the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge or otherwise under these Terms and Conditions.
  9. I give my consent to Nokia to keep a copy of my contact information that I provided in connection with my submission also after the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge has been concluded. In addition, I accept to be contacted by Nokia team in case of future opportunities.
  10. These Terms and Conditions cannot be modified or waived except by a written document that is signed by an authorized representative of Nokia.

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