CfA - Scholarship PhD in the Arts, 2018, LUCA School of Arts, Leuven, Belgium


June 30, 2018


Opportunity Cover Image - CfA - Scholarship PhD in the Arts, 2018, LUCA School of Arts, Leuven, Belgium

LUCA School of Arts offers a four year scholarship for a doctorate in the arts.Spatial Experiences: visual, auditory, sensorimotor, tactile and conceptual


LUCA SCHOOL OF ARTS / KU LEUVEN LUCA School of Arts is an educational and research environment in which creative talent can flourish and develop. It promotes artistic practice and creative design as well as research and innovation. LUCA offers a wide range of bachelor and master courses and conducts research in visual arts, audiovisual arts, performing arts, music and design on campuses in Ghent, Leuven, Brussels and Genk. LUCA collaborates with the University of Leuven for its PhD program in the arts. While working with one or more supervisors and a research group of LUCA School of Arts, our PhD students are enrolled at the University of Leuven which awards the degree of PhD in the Arts, and we offer a scholarship for a Phd student in the Arts. PROJECT Often we judge architecture for its external appearance. In the spaces we perceive or construct we must become aware of its cultural and current spatial realities. As the architect Peter Zumthor has pointed out: “to experience architecture in a concrete way means to touch, see, hear, and smell it.” A keyword in this research project is “experience”; we want to come to a different understanding of architecture, with the possibility of creating a relationship between the physical environment and the “immaterialities” of space, like sound and movement. We focus on questions such as: How do architectural sensations, intuitions and fascinations lead to creation and invention? What specific property of a space leads to a physical experience? How can I make a room perceptible? What is visible, tangible and audible in an architectural experience? For a comprehensive research of experiential space we would need to examine different modes of this experience (tactile, auditory, visual, conceptual). And subsequently develop from these abstract ideas an independent research practice based on the so-called “thinking-through-making” concept of anthropologist Tim Ingold. In this Phd project you will be able to pursue a self-initiated doctoral research which is not only expressed through words, but also through making. This project will enable you to develop artistic research in an open, interdisciplinary environment and encourage methodological innovation to create new knowledge that contributes to the field of art, architecture and life.


● You have a masters in design or art practice or a masters in another field with strong international artistic or design portfolio.

● Your practice has a clear research dimension that is relevant for the project.

● You are willing to work in team and to play an active role within the LUCA research group Art, Space & Context and the department of Art / Architecture at the KULeuven.

● You have the skills to complete a comprehensive, long-term research project within the given time-frame of four years. ● You are willing to communicate your research at conferences, through artistic or design presentations and through publications.

● You will investigate space in all its forms and implications. And you are interested in the material and immaterial qualities of space in its political and social context.


You will prepare a PhD in the Arts at KU Leuven under the supervision of a prof. dr. Esther Venrooij KULeuven / Department of Architecture and LUCA School of Arts / research group “Art, Space & Context”. You will take up teaching responsibilities at LUCA (max. 120 hours/year) or offer administrative support to your supervisor, your research group or your research unit at LUCA (max. 240 hours/year).


A four year doctoral scholarship at KU Leuven starting within the calendar year of 2018. The initial contract covers 1 year. After positive evaluation, this can be extended with 1 year and subsequently with 2 years. Please find more information on the working conditions at KU Leuven here.


We expect your written application by email before the deadline of Saturday 30 June 2018, 0h00 CET to: Your candidature contains: - A letter of motivation, in which you describe how you position yourself within the field of art, research and education, and how you would like to make a contribution to the development of research within LUCA. - A copy of the relevant degrees. - A comprehensive CV, including artistic portfolio and a list of publications (if applicable). - An outline of your research project (max. 500 words). Only complete candidatures will be accepted for evaluation. All documents should be merged into one PDF. If the PDF exceeds 10 MB it should be send using an online file transfer service (such as We Transfer). The file should not exceed 30 MB.


The selection procedure is twofold. A selection committee headed by prof. dr. Esther Venrooij makes a first selection on the basis of the written application submitted before Saturday 30 June 0h00 CET. Eligible candidates will be notified on Tuesday 3 July if you will receive an invitation for an interview on thursday 5 July at LUCA School of Arts, Campus Gent. (A skype meeting for applicants from abroad will also be possible.) The selected candidate will then elaborate a PhD application at LUCA School of Arts under guidance of prof. dr. Esther Venrooij, who will be your PhD supervisor if the proposal is accepted. The deadline for submitting the PhD application is 20 August 2018. The interview with the PhD committee will take place on 13 September 2018. More information about the PhD application procedure on: The scholarship can only be allocated if the candidate has been accepted by the PhD committee of LUCA School of Arts on 13 September 2018. The selected candidate has no claim to the scholarship if his or her proposal has not been accepted by the committee on that date.

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