Workshop - ''War or Peace'' at a Glance, 2018, Berlin, Germany


June 30, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - Workshop - ''War or Peace'' at a Glance, 2018, Berlin, Germany

 More than 300 young professionals from Europe and beyond are invited to participate in this workshop

The Purpose

1918 is essentially linked to the end of the First World War, the “Great War” that had upended Europe and the world. While some were mourning losses and defeat, 1918 marked the rise of new nations and identities for others. Hopes and visions for a brighter and peaceful future collided with continuing violence in various shapes and forms. Entirely different notions of coexistence, peace and democracy were deliberated both peacefully and with violent or suppressive means. Ambiguities like these are symptomatic not only for the time after the First World War, but for many crossroads of global history. This in mind, the festival “War or Peace?” aims to capture the variety of different – sometimes competing – narratives and to explore their consequences for today’s reality.

General conditions of participation

Personal requirements

Participants must be between 18 and 30 years of age. All participants must be in possession of valid entry documents at the time of travel. This includes a valid identity document and, in certain cases, a valid visa. A valid identity document is also required at check-in at the hostel and to receive the festival badge. Above-average commitment and a high level of interest in the topics of the festival are prerequisites for participation. Ideally, participants should have previous knowledge and project experience in the field of transnational remembrance work, (artistic) examination of peace and conflict issues, historical projects, etc.

Language skills

The workshops offered at the festival are held exclusively in English. A very good command of English is therefore a prerequisite for participation in the festival. Application to participate Applications to participate in the festival are made exclusively by filling in the registration form on the festival website during the application period. The application is binding and can only be considered in English.

Travel allowance & journey

Travel allowance

The German Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) will grant you a financial subsidy for your travel expenses on the basis of an allowance (one-off payment). This travel allowance is calculated according to your country of origin, based on the current residential address you give when registering. Please note that only the specified amount will be reimbursed, irrespective of the actual travel costs incurred and without presentation of receipts. The travel allowance can be used for all costs for transport, insurance, visa and luggage fees, etc. If additional costs are incurred, they cannot also be reimbursed and they must be covered by the participant.

Conditions and payment of the travel allowance

The travel allowance is paid out on site in cash and in euros. Payment of the travel allowance is not possible in other currencies. The travel allowance will be paid on the final day of the festival (Saturday). A prerequisite for the payment of the travel allowance is continuous participation in the workshop programme and in all binding programme elements of the festival (from Wednesday 17 October at 6 p.m. until Saturday 20 October at 10 p.m.). Proof of participation is provided by the organisers on the basis of participation lists. Participation in the festival programme is obligatory! Arrival and departure must be planned in such a way that you can participate from the beginning and until the end. An advance payment or payment of the travel allowance after the festival is not possible!

If you are interested, consider the following before applying:

  • Registration for taking part in the festival is only possible by filling out the online registration form.
  • Registration is possible until June 30th, 2018.
  • The registration does not guarantee participation. Participants will be selected based on the information they submitted.
  • Applicants will be informed about the success of their application three months before the festival at the latest.
  • Our festival language is English. Therefore, we can only consider applications written in proper English.
  • To apply, you will have to provide personal and professional information about yourself, identification details, your preferred workshops and your genuine motivation for participation (maximum 1.500 characters).
  • All information provided in the form has to be true and complete. Personal details have to be stated exactly as in your identification documents.

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