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July 31, 2018


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Welcome to apply for "Trajectories of Change" scholarships.

Europe’s neighbourhood has experienced armed conflict, political transition and authoritarian restoration along with profound social and economic change. These transformation processes with deep historical roots have usually resulted from an interplay of domestic and transnational actors and factors. In order to reveal their complexity, a view through a transnational and regional lens can be rewarding: Which interdependences – past and present – are constitutive for the neighbouring regions of the European Union? How can we study transnational influences and effects on change in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the MENA region? How to distinguish and take into account factors of change across national borders and social boundaries? To which extent do these factors shape political, social and economic realities?

The scholarship programme “Trajectories of Change” addresses historical and current transformation processes in the European neighbourhood. It offers stipends and fieldwork grants for Ph.D. students in the humanities and social sciences. For 2018, research applications dealing with transnational and regional dynamics of transformation are especially welcome.

Applications for the following topics are encouraged, but will also consider other approaches:

  • geography, space and borders in the European neighbourhood
  • sovereignty and law in a transnational and regional context   
  • state and non-state actors as agents of change
  • international and regional actors and their influence on change
  • diaspora politics
  • migration, economic development and investment strategies as consequences of and contributing factors for change
  • negotiation processes and conflict resolution
  • transnational diffusion of ideas 

The programme seeks to support young researchers in the social sciences and humanities in contributing novel insights into trajectories of change. Both empirical research based on intensive fieldwork and projects centred on theoretical reflection are eligible for support. Innovative and challenging research questions as well as comparative approaches are highly welcome.

Application Guidelines

You may interrupt and save your online application at any time. To do so, enter the button "Save Application Temporarily" at the bottom of the online application form. Any changes will be automatically incorporated as soon as you press the "Continue Application" button. You may continue with your application at any time. The user name and password can be found and changed under "Login data". To continue your application later on, please log in with your user name and password and click on the "Continue Application" button.

Please be meticulous when you fill in the application form. You should be especially careful not to exceed the 1,000 characters (including spaces) allocated for the abstract of your dissertation. The information you provide about other applications will have no influence on the decision of the jury. 

Please prepare

  • a research proposal (max. 7 pages for doctoral students and 3-5 pages for pre-doctoral candidates, references excluded)
  • a research plan with time schedule (max. 2 pages)
  • a CV
  • a copy of your university degree
  • as well as a photo.

You can upload all documents at the end of the online application form. 

Two letters of reference by university professors should be submitted in the electronic form. Please activate the button below the supervisor´s data while filling in the online application form. Your reference will receive automatically an email request with the reference link. For references documents in PDF format are required. The file size is limited to 5MB. Submissions should be limited to a single document file.


We only accept fully completed applications. The deadline for applications is 31 July 2018. Until that date you may access and edit your saved application with your password. From 01 August 2018 access to the pages will be barred. The ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius reserves the right to request further documentation (notarized copies of your degree certificates in particular) for the second round of the applications.

Selection Criteria

Scholarships are granted by the Board of Directors of the ZEIT-Stiftung on the basis of the application submitted by the candidate. The ZEIT-Stiftung reserves the right to instate a selection committee or obtain an additional external expert's opinion on the research project. No applicant may claim automatic entitlement to a scholarship.

Stipend and Methods of Payment

The stipend for the scholarships is € 1,200 per month. Supplementary payments for married scholarship holders will not be granted by the Foundation. The stipend is paid in three-monthly instalments, payable in advance, into an account stipulated by the scholarship holder. In case of pre-doctoral grants the financial support is limited to max. € 5,000. This single grant should support the development of the dissertation project, including small scale preliminary research and funds for participation in academic conferences. Fieldwork Grants support travel costs as well as research expenses and add up to max. € 3,000. The Foundation expects to be informed about the progress of the research. This will usually be in the form of a presentation of the work in progress at the students’ conference. In their first year, the Ph.D. students are required to present their project at the scholarship conference held annually in spring, having before submitted in writing a ten-page paper on a specific aspect of their dissertation. The continuation of the scholarship must be approved by the selection committee that is present at the conference.

The Ph.D. Scholarships end:

a) at the end of the granted period of time

b) within the granted period of time at the end of the month in which the scholarship holder submits his or her dissertation at the degree-giving university, or on the day that the scholarship holder abandons his or her dissertation to enter into a contract of employment that runs counter to the regulations listed below. Should the scholarship holder be unable to complete the dissertation within the granted period of time, a final report must be submitted to the Foundation. In any case, the scholarship holder is under obligation to submit a copy of the degree certificate to the Foundation. 

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