Call for Notice for the Activation of Fellowships in the Field of Medicine 2018, Italy


April 12, 2018


Opportunity Cover Image - Call for Notice for the Activation of Fellowships in the Field of Medicine 2018, Italy

Call for notice for 1 Clinical Neuromuscular Fellowship


The University of Milan announces a call for notice to award 1 Clinical Fellowship aimed at offering to promising professionals, primarily foreigners, the chance to attend a training program finalized at providing an advanced education in a specific sector of one of medical sciences specializations, in diagnostic, clinic and therapeutic frame to be activated in clinics affiliated and managed by the University of Milan, through direct care of patients in ward in the pre, intra and post-operative phase, as well as through in-depth study of literature and participation in seminars and conferences.

Purpose of this specific call for notice

As stated above, and according to specific regulation (Decreto Rettorale n.296522 del 04/09/2015), the University of Milan announces a competition for the award of one Clinical Neuromuscolar Fellowship, whose training program will focus on pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments in neuromuscular diseases. The fellow will be train to carry out clinical research by participating in already active "Clinical Trials" or new ones activated directly by the fellow as a promoter under the guidance and supervision of the staff of the clinic. The training program will take place at Niguarda Hospital of Milan, related to University of Milan. The Fellowship Program has a duration of 2 years. The candidate admitted to the program will receive a scholarship paid in monthly installments. The candidate who will complete the program according to the intended training plan and that will receive positive remarks in the evaluations, will receive an honorary title of "Fellow of the University of Milan", with the indication of their area of specialization in Neuromuscolar disorders.

Admission requirements

Prospective fellows who will have successfully completed a Neurology, Child Neurology, Rehabilitation, Neurophysiology, Neuropsychology and Pulmonology Residency are able to compete for the Fellowship Program.

The EU and non-EU citizens who have obtained their qualifications abroad, before the starting of the fellowship program, must have them recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health, in accordance to the specific modalities defined by the Ministry. Foreign candidates should present an official certificate attesting the level of proficiency of at least B1 level in Italian language; if not available they should be prepared to take an Italian language knowledge test during the selection interview. 


The scholarship is of € 2.861,67 monthly, for a total of € 34.700,00 a year, gross of legal charges under the Italian Tax on income claims law, Art. 50 T.U. The scholarship will be paid in monthly postponed instalments. The University of Milan will activate for the fellow a compulsorily RC Professional medical insurance. The granting of the scholarship does not constitute an employment relationship and does not give rise to social security and welfare treatment. The scholarship is incompatible with any other funding from University of Milano nor from any other Italian Institutions. Work activities to be conducted under the program are to be intended as full-time activities, and therefore the fellowship is incompatible with other work commitments.

Modalities and terms for the submission of applications and required documentation

To candidate for the program, applicants are required to present the following documentation:

1. application form prepared using the downloadable form available on the University’s website, in which indication must be provided on the fellow’s motivation for participating to the program as well as a brief description of the fellow’s educational and work history;

2. an updated CV of the candidate;

3. two letter of references from professors with which the candidate had cooperated within the last year;

4. photocopy of an identity document;

5. for foreign candidates, if possessed, a certification attesting their language skills in Italian language (minimum level B1).

The documentation indicated in the previous points 1-4, penalty the exclusion of the candidature, must be delivered in person to the International Relations Office, Via Festa del Perdono, 7 (office hours: Monday to Friday, from 9 to 12) or by e-mail to the e-mail by 12th April 2018. Information relating to this call for notice can be obtained by e-mail at Extra UE citizens who want to apply for the fellowship must contact International Relations Office for any other needed information. 


The candidate is admitted to the Fellowship Program following a selection procedure, based on an interview to be held in front of a Commission composed of the Director of the Fellowship Program and two other professors involved in the implementation of the program. The contents of the interview will focus on the topic of the Fellowship. In case of foreign applicants, not in possession of an official language certification for the Italian language, the interview will be supplemented by an examination to verify the knowledge of the Italian language. 

Activation of the fellowship program and specific conditions

The fellowship program will start after obtaining recognition of Medicine and Surgery degree from the Italian Ministry of Health, if needed, and – for non-EU candidates – after being awarded of research visa. Moreover, before the starting of the program, a professional insurance policy should be activated. The successful candidate, upon receipt of the notification by the University, should promptly contact the International Relations Office, Via Festa del Perdono, 7 - 20122 Milan; Tel. +39 02 50312023 and +39 02 50312117, e-mail, for further instructions on the procedures to be followed to activate the fellowship. 

The International Relations Office will provide assistance to candidates needing to recognize their study degrees at the Italian Ministry of Health and needing consular visa to enter Italy.

Renounce of the fellowship

The selected candidate who, after the acceptance of the fellowship, and not later then 30 days after the beginning of the program, due to personal impediments, is unable to carry out the foreseen training program, shall notify by e-mail, providing detailed reasons, the renunciation to the International Relations Office 

Informative note

The University is committed, pursuant to Legislative Decree. N. 196/2003, to respect the confidential nature of the information provided by the applicant: all information provided will be processed solely for purposes connected to this call for notice and the management of the relationship with the University in compliance with current regulations. 

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