International Urban Photography Summer School, 13 – 25 August 2018, UK


June 30, 2018

Event Date:

August 13, 2018 - August 25, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - International Urban Photography Summer School, 13 – 25 August 2018, UK

International Urban Photography Summer School


Designed for photographers, artists and researchers whose work address notions of urban space and culture, the international Urban Photography Summer School provides a highly intensive two-week practical and theoretical training in key aspects of urban visual practice and research. The course aims to offer participants a wide range of relevant skills resulting in the production of a photography portfolio drawn from London’s urban environments along with a collective final exhibition.

The programme has been developed in collaboration with the Centre for Urban and Community Research (CUCR), Goldsmiths University London, the Urban Photographers’ Association (UPA), UrbanPhotoFest and the international Association of Visual Urbanists (iAVU). The course will be taught by tutors from Goldsmiths’ Sociology Department and the international MA in Photography and Urban Cultures. The programme draws on the advanced theoretical, research and practical image-making specialisms of key practitioners in the field.

Summer School tutors include:

  • Paul Halliday (MA in Photography and Urban Cultures Course Leader),
  • Les Back (Goldsmiths),
  • Caroline Knowles (Goldsmiths),
  • Mandy Lee Jandrell (Head of Photography, Falmouth University),
  • Peter Coles (Goldsmiths),
  • Manuel Vázquez (Goldsmiths),
  • Laura Cuch (Goldsmiths and UCL),
  • Diego Ferrari (Kingston University),
  • David Kendall (Goldsmiths)
  • Gill Golding (Goldsmiths).

The programme will explore how the practice of urban image-making informs the development of a reflexive and critical research perspective and will include assignments and guided fieldtrips focusing on

  1. Urban Landscapes and Architectures,
  2. Urban Materialities and Objects
  3. Street-based photography and Portraiture.


The Summer School will provide participants with a structured framework of theoretical talks, discussions and debates, visual presentations, critiques and assignments culminating in a self directed visual project focusing on the urban domain. This will lead to the development of a photographic portfolio reflecting their individual interest and visual practice in relation to urban research. Participants may wish to use this portfolio for the accumulation of degree credits, as a portfolio when applying for a further degree programme, or as a form of visual and theoretical self-development. At the end of the Summer School a curated salon exhibition will be organized from a selection of participants’ photographs.

Previous participants have gone on to successfully apply for MA programmes in photography or related visual programmes (including the MA PUC at Goldsmiths, University of London) or to use the intensive programme as part of their doctoral visual training component. Other summer school members have included undergraduate students from social science and visual arts backgrounds who wish to expand their knowledge of the field and to work on an intensive, highly focused visual outcome.


This course will be particularly relevant to those with an interest in the visual representations and evocations of city and urban spaces.

The Summer School aims to foster an international learning and creative environment in order to facilitate synthesis between urban theory and photographic practice. Designed for photographers, artists and ethnographers whose work address notions of urban space and culture, the program will explore how the practice of making urban images might inform the development of a reflexive and critical research perspective.

The course is open to participants from a wide range of educational and practice backgrounds and encourages a degree of experimentation around what constitutes contemporary urban photographic practices.

Applicants will need to have sound photographic skills prior to commencing the programme and are required to submit a sample portfolio of their own work (max. 10 images presented in PowerPoint or PDF format) along with an outline statement of their interest in urban visual practice (max. 300 words).

Program aims to recruit a wide range of practitioners with an active involvement in debates around the nature of city spaces and how photographic images might not only convey meaning but can also be used to construct a narrative of urban space.

Course structure

  • WEEK 1

    • Introduction to key themes in urban photography
    • Urban landscapes and the built environment
    • Assignment 1 (London’s urban landscapes)
    • Material objects and their social meanings
    • Assignment 2 (Found objects)
    • Street-based photography
    • Assignment 3 (Imaging the Street)
    • Review of visual work
  • WEEK 2
    • Individual project description and critique
    • Project fieldwork
    • Project review

In addition to further theoretical discussions the second week will focus on participants’ self-directed visual projects. They are encouraged to select an area of urban photography addressing a key issue. This might be street photography, signs and advertising in urban space, urban architecture, urban landscapes and material objects. The main objective is to facilitate a conceptual and creative link between urban theory and visual practice framing it within a critical analysis of urban theory. The week finalises with the photo exhibition.


The application deadline is Saturday 30th June 2018. Applications after this date will be considered if spaces are available. Candidates are advised to apply early by downloading and completing the online application form.  Successful applicants will be informed two weeks after submitting the form. Full payment should be received by the end of June to confirm participation. The organisers of the international Urban Photography Summer School reserve the right to cancel the course. In the event of such a cancellation enrolled Summer School participants will have their course fees fully reimbursed

Course fees

  • The fee for the Summer School for professionals/non-students is £1400
  • The reduced fee for students is  £950.
  • The reduced fee for London Independent Photography members is £950 (please add your membership number to the application form)
  • The reduced fee for members of Urban Photographers Brighton is £950

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