International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Evolutionary Biology 2018, Germany


March 25, 2018


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International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) 
for Evolutionary Biology

The IMPRS Evolbio is an international graduate school dedicated to highest level research and training in all areas of contemporary Evolutionary Biology.The graduate school is embedded in the thriving research environment and the beautiful landscape of Northern Germany, close to the shores of the Baltic Sea.

The Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology is located in Plön, in the middle of a lake district, halfway between the Universities of Kiel and Lübeck. With its history in limnological and ecological research, it represents one of the longest established research institutions of the Max-Planck Society. Since 2007 it has successfully shifted its focus to Evolutionary Biology, with major recruitments and investments in this field. It covers three major reserach areas, Evolutionary Ecology, Evolutionary Genetics and Evolutionary Theory.

The University of Kiel has been established in 1665. It has currently over 24,000 inscribed students in eight faculties. Some 1,800 foreign students from all the world's continents are currently enrolled at Kiel University. 

The GEOMAR - Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, also located in Kiel, is dedicated to investigate the physical, chemical, biological, and geological processes in the ocean and their interaction with the seafloor and the atmosphere.

PhD Students

PhD studies within the IMPRS for Evolutionary Biology

The International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Evolutionary Biology started in 2010 as a collaboration with the University of Kiel and the Geomar. It provides a structured PhD education, which encourages the students to attend lectures, seminars, workshops and (soft skill) courses. 
PhD students are supported by contracts and stipends.

The working language of both the institute and the IMPRS is English as a lot of international colleagues from all over the world are working with us.

PhD representatives

The main task of the PhD representatives is to function as contact persons for all internal and external concerns of the students.

At present, program has five speakers for the PhD students in the IMPRS and one speaker at the MPI who stays in contact with the PhDnet of the MPG. All representatives are closely working together. They provide a platform for an exchange among the students and organize regular PhD meetings, such as social events or the yearly IMPRS retreat. 
The PhD speaker at the MPI attends the yearly PhD meetings of the MPG to get informed and to inform the other PhD students about the changes that take place within the MPG.

The PhD speakers are in close contact with the coordinator of the graduate program and also attend the regular meetings of the IMPRS faculty.


The students of the IMPRS participate, complementary to their PhD projects, in an individual training program. A large variety of lectures, courses and seminars is offered and the students can choose those activities which qualify them best for the PhD and future jobs.

The doctoral program curriculum is planned for three-year cycles for students entering with a Master or Diploma degree. The working language of the school is English. After completing the rotations, all students will participate in a teaching program designed to complement the skills and experience that they already have. They will have the option to visit different teaching modules, after discussing this with their thesis committee. Each student will visit courses, lectures and seminars amounting to approximately 20 day equivalents per year.

Thesis submission and thesis defence will follow the official guidelines (Promotionsordnung) of the Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät of the University of Kiel. Students will be awarded the official PhD certificate of the University of Kiel and, in addition, a certificate of the IMPRS graduate school. This IMPRS certificate confirms successful completion of the PhD within the IMPRS graduate school and lists all completed courses.


The school aims to attract students from all universities, i.e. only a minority will come from Kiel University. A minimum of 50% should come from non-German Universities.

Admission requires a completed Master or Diploma degree. Students with an exceptionally successful Bachelor degree can also be admitted, but will have to complete additional teaching modules.


This year's application round is now open, application deadline is on March 25, 2018.

Further information about the application procedure and the required documents can be found online.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email:

Schedule for the upcoming events of this year´s application round:


April 16 - 27


Interviews (telephone and/or Skype)

June 25 - 29


A week with introduction to all three research institutions,

talks, (personal) interviews and sightseeing

Sept 17


Start of the program

with general information and the rotation period

Application Procedure

This year´s application round is now open, application deadline is on March 25, 2018.

  • Applications must include the following items: 

    Motivation letter (including a statement to your special evolutionary interests) for applying to this program (maximum 2 pages). Please also quote an evolutionary topic that you would like to be questioned on during the possible interview(s).
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) with personal details (including birth date), contact address, details on exams and courses taken (incl grades and a description how to read them), publications (if any) and all other relevant personal information (maximum 2 pages).
  • Up to three names of academic teachers who could provide reference letters.
  • Preference list of three specific projects that you could imagine to work with during your possible PhD, including a short statement on the reason for the choice (maximum 1 page - note that this list is not binding in case you are admitted to the program).

If you want to apply, please prepare your motivation letter, CV, names of references and preference list in a single pdf document. Your filename should have this format: lastname_firstname.pdf

You have to upload your prepared pdf file during the application process. After the successful application process, you will receive a confirmation mail. 

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