WISE Accelerator Program for Projects in the Field of Education 2018-2019, Qatar

Publish Date: Feb 21, 2018

Deadline: Apr 24, 2018

WISE Accelerator Program for Projects in the Field of Education 2018-2019


The WISE Accelerator supports innovative initiatives developing solutions in education technology with high potential for scalability and positive impact. Selected initiatives receive the guidance and support of the WISE Accelerator team who provide the initiatives with effective strategies and practical support for their further development. Each year, the selected initiatives join the one-year program, during which they benefit from tailor-made support to address challenges that hinder their growth and scaling up the process. In addition, the WISE Accelerator assists the selected initiatives to connect with an international network of education stakeholders and create opportunities to share knowledge and find support among potential partners, donors, and investors during international events organized by WISE. Finally, the selected initiatives will be matched with mentors who are experts in education, education technology and leaders in their field. Mentors will support the selected initiatives with advice, guidance, and connections to different education and business stakeholders.


The WISE Accelerator supports innovative initiatives that have a high potential for scalability and positive impact in education. Initiatives addressing education challenges through the use and/or design of technology in all sectors and regions are welcome to apply. Initiatives in this particular field may cover a wide range of activities. From the conception of apps and digital games to the creation of online platforms or the design of new curricula and pedagogies integrating technology. All education initiatives, for-profit and non-profit that are using or linking technology to their DNA are invited to apply.

Ideal candidates for the WISE Accelerator must be existing initiatives at an early stage of development, with the following attributes:

Established for at least one year;

  • A growing number of beneficiaries or customers;
  • A record of activities with a product or service that has been implemented and beyond proof of concept;
  • Existing stable revenues;
  • A dedicated team, with an established physical space or office;
  • Deep knowledge of the market/educational context and of their beneficiaries’ or customers’ needs;
  • Motivation to develop further;
  • Understanding of the initiative’s current challenges. Initiatives from all over the world are invited to apply to the WISE Accelerator.


A Committee composed of leading experts in education and social entrepreneurship will

support the WISE Accelerator team in the selection process.

Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Solution and innovation;
  • Strategy and management;
  • Development beyond proof of concept, and potential for growth;
  • Knowledge of the market/space where they operate.

The initiatives will be selected in June and announced in July 2018.


Applications must have an initiative related to the field of education and technology only. Initiatives must be formally constituted and must have progressed beyond proof of concept. The WISE Accelerator is not intended for new and untried ideas. Any such applications will not be considered. All applicants must complete, in English, the official online application form fully and provide detailed information on the educational activities of the initiative, as well as areas in which support may be required. Applications must be submitted online using the official application. Applications not submitted on the official application form, applications with inaccurate or incomplete information, applications not submitted in English, applications without valid references, applications received after the deadline, or more than one application for the same initiative will be deemed ineligible and will not be considered. Representatives of shortlisted initiatives will be contacted for the call with the WISE Accelerator team.

The WISE Accelerator and the Committee reserve the right to ask for clarification or complementary information or documentation from the applicants. In the event of any false or 3 inaccurate information, the application will be deemed invalid. If the initiative has already been selected for the WISE Accelerator, the decision may be revoked. Once selected, the initiatives should commit to facilitating the needs assessment and providing any information or clarification that may be required by the WISE Accelerator team. Contact details and complete information on two references (e.g. former donors, local governments, other organizations, etc.) must be included in all applications. Valid referees include individuals from organizations who can comment knowledgeably on the activity of the initiative. The referees may be contacted and asked to provide a letter of support if needed. Failure to include details of references will automatically lead to the rejection of the application. Selected initiatives will delegate a representative who will personally engage with the WISE Accelerator team and mentors, participate and represent the initiative in WISE international events and conferences over the course of the year. 


The year-long program is designed to assess and meet initiatives’ needs as fully and precisely as possible in order to bring them to the next stage of development and scale up.

Key milestones in the 2018-2019 program are:

  • Kick-off

Selected initiatives participate in the program kick-off to be held during a WISE international event, where they benefit from workshops, masterclasses and networking opportunities. 

  • Needs Assessment

The WISE Accelerator team will evaluate the initiatives’ priority needs and identify optimal ways to address them.

  • Tailor-made Support

This phase corresponds to the rollout of the mentorship and training provided by the WISE Accelerator team and partner organizations, combining both face-to-face meetings and mostly distance, personalized sessions.

  • Mentorship

The WISE Accelerator team will match each selected initiative with mentors selected from a WISE community of over 50,000 education stakeholders. These mentors will advise, guide and support the initiatives in their growth. Often, the mentors are CEO’s and directors of for profit and non-profit education initiatives. 

  • Ongoing communication and visibility

The selected initiatives benefit from ongoing communication and international exposure, as well as from networking opportunities throughout the year. This takes place via WISE media platforms and international events.

  • Program Closing

The program closing will also take part at a WISE international event in order for the selected initiatives to benefit from further opportunities for support, networking and international visibility.

  • Follow-up and Evaluation

Following the conclusion of the program, the WISE Accelerator team will evaluate the progresses made over the year and the overall development of the venture. The WISE Accelerator will collect information on the initiatives’ growth every six months for two years. At the end of two years from finishing the program, The WISE Accelerator team will collect information on the initiatives’ growth once a year. 


WISE reserves the right to publicize the selected initiatives by means of any kind of communication (internal and/or commercial advertising), through any promotional media (press, magazines, catalogs, websites, etc.) all over the world. This communication may be in the form of pictures, recordings (audio and visual) and texts supplied by each of the selected initiatives. By applying for the WISE Accelerator, contestants agree to provide photos and descriptions of their initiatives following the selection process. They also acknowledge the right of WISE to use this material. Selected initiatives agree to provide WISE with information on any developments of their initiatives that may be a result of, or linked to, the WISE initiative and the WISE Accelerator. 

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