Study and Research Opportunities in Qatar

Long and short-term academic programs are available in Qatar across many universities and educational centers. International students and researchers may apply to BA, MA, Ph.D., and postdoctoral research programs in Qatar. Moreover, summer schools and conferences are other excellent academic activities that make Qatar an attractive destination for scholars and scientists. Many programs also come with fully-funded scholarships and fellowships as well as travel grants and financial aid, thus every student, researcher, and professor can always find a suitable program in Qatar and apply.

Scholarships in Qatar

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Summer Programs in Qatar

Qatar as an academic destination

Qatar is proof that the state’s area is not determinant in its development rates. The country is located in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula, and its territory is one of the smallest among those of the neighboring countries. However, Qatar has picked up the route to the wealthiest and developed country, mainly due to the fuel trade. 

Qarar is rich: with its place in the global petroleum industry, economy, planning of the country, and much more. It also has its predominant role in the informative global platforms with Al Jazeera, a news agency you are probably subscribed to for reading first-hand, quality information on the international events.

For our readers, Qatar is most interesting from the academic perspective, where it appears in a good light, too. The country emphasizes the education system, and with its English programs, it is ready to welcome international students. Utilizing the education funding programs in this section of ARMACAD, you have the unique opportunity to visit and experience the country yourself. Read on further if the idea seemed exciting to you. 

Qatar top-ranked University

Qatar has a quality portfolio of academic opportunities, which is an attractive driving point for international students. There are universities operating in the country, which can enhance the student’s future career in Qatar and outside job markets. 

However, if you are focused on learning in the UniversityUniversity, which is included in the international rankings, there is one option in the country yet. Qatar University is the only local UniversityUniversity included in the QS Ranking’s lists. It has many academic programs taught predominantly in English. However, the teaching language here is divided between Arabic and English. So, if you are principal about the language, make sure to conduct proper research of programs in advance. 

It’s also worth noting that Qatar University is the oldest of the country’s academic institutions, founded in 1973 and successfully operating up to current.

Education City | Qatar’s mini-alternative to the global education

Education City is a unique concept of academic and research institutions, gathered under one roof by the Qatar Foundation. It’s a top destination for domestic and international students. The area hosts the leading international university branches in one place, granting students an opportunity to experience the quality of globally ranked educational institutions while residing in Qatar. 

Education City offers eight international universities to the interested students, among them:

Though you probably would identify your preferred University from the available ones in Educational City, note that you will have the opportunity to study in each of them. Educational City allows students admitted to any of its universities to organize a cross-registration and take joint minors, certificates, or other educational programs in other universities.

Head to the QF’s dedicated section for higher education for more details.

Research in the Education City

Do you think that it’s possible to teach computers to identify fake news?

It sounds like a utopia, right? If humans can’t differentiate fake and real information themselves, they are probably not able to invent automated systems that will do the same. Yet, researchers in Education City have already taken practical steps towards creating a similar tool in 2018. 

If you want to join the community of change-maker scholars in Qatar for similar projects, participating in the Education City research initiatives is one of the top options to consider. As diverse as are the EC’s universities, you can participate in research projects in collaboration with MIT University of the United States, Harvard University, Boeing, etc

The basic breakdown of the research infrastructure in Education City leads to two main directions. 

Research and Innovation Hubs

The main RDI (Research and Development Initiative) division translates Qatar’s national problems as a scientific priority to the leading scholars of the Education City. Meantime, researchers develop technologically enriched solutions for domestic applications, further going beyond the country’s borders and finding a place in international markets. 

The Hubs include Qatar Science and Technology Park, Qatar Genome Programme, and Qatar Biobank, the additional details of which you can explore on the website

Specialized Research Institutes

The Institutes mix the goals of the sustainable economic development of QATAR and technological solutions for global issues. There are three main research spheres you can choose, including:

  • Qatar Biomedical Research Institute
  • Qatar Computing Research Institute
  • Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute

Explore your further research opportunities in the website’s dedicated section

Other Research Opportunities in Qatar

Research at Qatar University is the second prioritized opportunity in the country, as students won’t skip a chance to upgrade their academic knowledge in the UniversityUniversity that corresponds to international standards. The University of Qatar has four directions as to its research directions’ priority: Energy and Environment, Social Sciences and Humanities, Health and Biomedical Sciences, Information and Communication Technologies. 

The mentioned fields are studied in the University’sUniversity’s numerous research centers, which you can check on the QU website.

Besides, for the overall image of the research opportunities in Qatar, find the thorough list of research institutions provided on the Qatar National Research Fund website.  

Qatar is a great study abroad destination to consider, as it also can become a country of your career and permanent residence after studies. The first in the global petroleum industry, Qatar hosts more foreign people in its total workforce than locals. So why not utilize the opportunity of post-study working opportunities here? If the country represents an interest for you also from the perspective of career building, make sure to find employment shortly after or during your last-year studies, as an employer is a required sponsor for receiving a working permit in the country.