Ghent University PhD Scholarship Program 2018, Belgium

Publish Date: Feb 19, 2018

Deadline: May 03, 2018

Ghent University PhD Scholarship Program

UNU-CRIS is pleased to announce that Ghent University, one of her strategic partners, has launched this year’s call for two PhD Scholarships for research at UNU-CRIS. If you are interested in doing research on subjects relevant to UNU-CRIS and would like to answer to this call, you have to find a supervisor at Ghent University, who is willing to supervise your PhD project. The scholarships are initially awarded for 2 years. After an intermediate evaluation, a second term of maximum 2 years can be granted. The aim is to obtain a doctoral degree within a time span of 4 years. Keep in mind that these scholarships are very competitive and that program is looking for outstanding proposals and excellent study results. Candidates from outside the EU will, in addition, have to verify if their diplomas and certificates are recognised as valid by the Belgian authorities.

UNU-CRIS welcomes in particular proposals that fit one of its research programmes, but other proposals that relate to the UN and its goals could also be considered.

UNU-CRIS will be happy to assist candidates with realistic chances for a scholarship in contacting potential PhD supervisors at Ghent University and to discuss suggestions for research proposals.

The research activities and projects of UNU-CRIS are organised in three research programs and one capacity-building program:

  • The Role of Regions in Global Governance
  • The United Nations and Regional Public Goods
  • Changing Patterns of Regional and Global Governance
  • Capacity Building and Development


The amount of the scholarship is approximately € 2.070 per month, depending on the family status of the scholar. Based on the advice of the Research Council, a bench fee of € 7.440 (€ 310/month) will be awarded to the supervisor per term of 2 years.


No restrictions on nationality or age. Only for candidates with excellent study results during the entire study career.

This call is highly competitive. A high candidate score is an absolute requirement when applying for a BOF-doctoral scholarship. To be taken into consideration, applicants preferably belong at least to the top 15% best students of the group of fellow students who took exams for the same degree (bachelor and master). Applicants with a lower candidate score stand very little chance of getting a BOF-doctoral scholarship.

During the past years, most of the candidates who achieved a BOF-doctoral scholarship belonged amongst the top 5% to top 10% best students for all diplomas.

How to apply?

Candidates have to fill in the application form (see below) together with their Ghent University promoter(s).

Submit either in Dutch or English

Evaluation procedure:

The PhD grant proposals will be evaluated by the Research Council. The Research Council will then make a motivated selection of the applications. The Research Council will base its recommendation on the evaluation of the qualifications of the applicant (study results) and the PhD project proposal; also the scientific potential of the Research Group(s) as well as the development of the scientific potential of the institution can be taken into account for this evaluation.

This results in three scores:

  • a score for the candidate,
  • a score for the project ; 
  • a score for the promoter.

The score for the candidate has the largest impact on the final evaluation of the application. The score of the candidate is calculated on the yearly study results of the candidate during the complete period of study and the ranking among fellow students of the candidate for all diplomas granted.

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