CEAFJP/Banque de France Fellowship 2019, France

Publish Date: Feb 16, 2018

Deadline: Mar 31, 2018

Event Dates: from Jan 01, 2019 12:00 to Mar 31, 2020 12:00

CEAFJP/Banque de France Fellowship “Macroeconomics and Economic Policy: Which Lessons from the Japanese Experience?” 

The macroeconomic trajectory of Japan over the last three decades has attracted the attention of scholars and scientists beyond specialists of Japan. In addition to erroneous forecasts regarding the course of the Japanese economy, the main reason for this interest is the possibility for other major OECD economies to learn important lessons from the Japanese case. The analysis of the Japanese economy at the macro level has led, de facto, to a critical reassessment of available macroeconomic theories, which, in turn, have shaped the debate over economic policies and their implementation. From this point of view, even if the so-called "Abenomics" have recently attracted the attention not only of researchers but of economic policy makers and the public at large, it is in fact all Japanese economic policies implemented over three decades that should be analyzed and compared with the European experience in this field. The fellow is expected to resort to a methodology based on macroeconomics and public policy analysis. This can be done through both a political economy perspective and an economic history analysis. Finally, the Fellow is also required to adopt a comparative perspective with the European experience.

Objectives of the CEAFJP Fellowships

The core objective of the fellowships of the Centre for French-Japanese Advanced Studies in Paris (CEAFJP, coordinated by the Fondation France-Japon de l’EHESS) is to lead to a close collaboration between the fellow, the CEAFJP, and its institutional partners, in order to work on the research project proposed by the fellow. The CEAFJP fellowships enable the fellows to pursue their research work, with objectives specific to their stay in Paris, benefiting from the large network of researchers in social and human sciences, as well as the international and interdisciplinary environment of the Parisian academic institutions. To that aim, the fellows will benefit from excellent work conditions at the Fondation FranceJapon de l’EHESS (they will be granted an office and access to meeting rooms, full access to the EHESS libraries, administrative assistance).

Responsibilities of the fellow

The fellow is expected to take part in the scientific activities of the CEAFJP in a spirit of exchange and mutual development with the other CEAFJP research fellows. The Centre places paramount importance to the capacity of the fellow to bond with other fellows and initiate collaborations with researchers in the Paris region, and in Europe.

The fellow is required to:

  • participate in regular work meetings with the CEAFJP team and to meetings with its institutional partners and collaborators;
  • submit a Research Note (2 pages in English) two months before the beginning of the fellowship in order to present his or her research project; Fondation France-Japon 54, boulevard Raspail 75006 Paris 
  • organize a workshop at the end of the fellowship;
  • submit a Discussion Paper (25 to 50 pages in English) at the end of the fellowship in order to share the main findings of his or her research work in Paris.

The Fellowship Grant

The fellowship may last from 6 to 10 months, between 1 January 2019 and 31 March 2020, depending on the fellow’s availability. The fellow will receive a grant, designed to cover his or her expenses related to transport and his or her stay in Paris on the one hand, and on the other hand the expenses directly linked to the realization of his or her research work. This grant can be combined with other sources of funding, on condition that the fellow is located in Paris.

Eligibility and Evaluation

The call for applications is open to distinguished international scholars, as well as government and business professionals. Applicants must be able to prove their capacity to conduct a research, but they are not required to hold a Ph.D. After the call is closed, the Scientific Committee of the CEAFJP will examine the applications and select the laureate. The main criteria of evaluation are the scientific quality of the project, but also its viability and the legitimacy of staying in Paris in the framework of the project. The applications will be examined regardless of the applicants’ age, nationality, place of residence, or country of their affiliated institution. The Committee will announce the results to the applicants in June 2018 before the public announcement.


The application files are required to include:

  • the application form;
  • a curriculum vitae including a list of publications;
  • two recommendation letters for applicants who earned their doctorate less than five years ago.

All the documents are to be sent by email to applications_ffj@ehess.fr on 31 March 2018 midnight (French time) at the latest. Further information is available via the same email address mentioned above.

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