History of Latin American Slicher van Bath de Jong Fund Research Scholarships 2018


April 15, 2018


Opportunity Cover Image - History of Latin American Slicher van Bath de Jong Fund Research Scholarships 2018

for the advancement of study and research on 
the history of Latin America

Professor Dr. B. H. Slicher van Bath, who died in 2004 and in life was a member of KNAW – The Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences and emeritus professor of the universities of Groningen, Leiden, Wageningen and Nijmegen, has bequeathed a legacy by testament to CEDLA in his name and that of his wife J.P. de Jong, who died 2009. The aim of the Fund is to advance the study and research on the history of Latin American from 1500 to 1930 by providing financial support for the historical research of scholars (preferably younger than 35 years of age). Those students eligible for this scholarship are studying history and are preparing for their PhD or have recently obtained an equivalent degree, and are verifiably working on further research. It is further required that they were born and reside in either Europe or in Latin America.

The term Latin America pertains to the region that covers the countries in the Americas where Spanish or Portuguese are the official languages. The scholarship is meant for research activities such as archival research or study in various libraries that is to be carried out in the year after the scholarship has been awarded. The recipient receives 75 per cent of the scholarship following acceptance of the award, and the remainder after a final report has been submitted and approved.

Each year the Slicher van Bath de Jong Fund offers at least four research scholarships with a maximum of €10,000 each.


Applications may be written in Dutch, English or Spanish and should contain the following elements:

1. A description of your research, including the planning and budget; specify which part and for what exact aim the scholarship, if awarded, would be used (max 2000 words)
2. A short Curriculum Vitae (Résumé)
3. A letter of recommendation from the supervisor of this research

Researchers accredited with these scholarships are expected to present their research to CEDLA, either by taking part in a conference, or by submitting a publication of their research.

All publications as a result of this research shall acknowledge this scholarship.

The deadline for applications is 
15 April 2018
Applications should be sent to: 
secretariat@cedla.nl, to the attention of “Slicher van Bath de Jong Fund"
For further questions please contact 
our secretariat at secretariat@cedla.nl or +31 20 525 3498

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