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Zepter International Competition - Kitchen Gadgets 2017


September 30, 2017

Opportunity Cover Image - Zepter International Competition - Kitchen Gadgets 2017


Zepter International is pleased to announce 14th design competition ARTZEPT for 2017 entitled: KITCHEN GADGETS

Our competition theme has never had a broader range, or, indeed, has been more imaginative... This time we do not ask you to design pots and pans – we already produce the world-class cookware.  This year’s theme is  KITCHEN GADGETS.


The kitchen has become the heart of home both as the place to enjoy everyday meals and as an area to whip up an extravagant feast should an occasion demand it. To that end, it should be styled with all the utensils and accessories – kitchen gadgets –  required to make cooking and serving as enjoyable as possible for every type of cook.
Unleash your imagination to create something extraordinary and spice up both “haute cuisine” and daily home food preparation.
We trust your creative instincts and vision and we do not set limits. The only boundary is the synergy of beauty and functionality and that is infinite.


  • First place shall be awarded € 10,000
  • Second place shall be awarded € 4,000 worth of Zepter products as chosen by the awardee from Zepter catalogues
  • Third place shall be awarded € 3,000 worth of Zepter products as chosen by the awardee from Zepter catalogues
  • A special award aimed at promotion of the artist (a participant in the contest) – the Zepter International representatives shall choose one or more works to be produced in small series (up to 100 items) and to be exhibited in the Company and/or other facilities world over, as chosen by the company, with the designer’s name clearly displayed. The Special Award may be given both to the winners of one of the first three prizes or any other participant of the contest.

Competition Entry Requirements

  1. All submitted entries must be original creations in compliance with the competition theme, designed to be produced in the material of the artist’s choice, both functional and aesthetically pleasing and suitable for a limited, small-scale production.
  2. It is required that the entries are done as life-size geometrically precise,accurate, detailed 3D digital models in a CAD/CAM or CAID software (programs such as Catia, Solid Works, ProE, Alias/Wavefront, Rhinoceros and the like should be used) and also presented in high resolution rendered images so as to clearly show the appearance and purpose of the object(its shape, dimensions, material, finish and coat).
  3. The closing date and submission:
    The entries ought to be submitted no later than 30 September, 2017 in electronic format only and to the following e-mail addresses: and via or any other large-file sharing service. Works sent after the specified date shall not be considered for the competition.

An acceptable submission of an entry must include:

  1. A completed application form.
  2. A short conceptual summary of the work submitted (up to 300 words) and appropriate print prepared renderings on an A4 sheet of paper in an appropriate standard format for an illustrated text.
  3. A 3D digital model of the design in IGES or STEP format;
  4. A high resolution preparation file for digital printing of the rendering in EPS, PDF or other standard imaging formats, CMYK, 300 PPI, printed size – B2 (500 x 700 mm) and other digital files that the entrant deems necessary for the better comprehension of the work submitted.

The right to apply and participate:

  1. Any natural person that complies with the set rules can submit an entry in the competition. If multiple persons submit a collective entry, they shall be regarded as co-entrants and shall share the  right to one award as a single contestant.
  2. There is no limit to the number of submissions by any contestant but each work must be submitted as a separate entry. 
  3. As a rule, all digital, printed and other versions of the entries shall not be returned unless explicitly requested by the artist

Copyright and Property Rights:

  1. All entries must be original works. If it is established during the competition or upon its closure that a contestant – the artist who created an entry – is not one of the holders or the exclusive holder of copyright and property rights, such a person shall bear full material and other responsibility towards the person or persons who claim such rights.
    If such an entry wins an award in the competition, the contestant shall be obliged to return the award to the organiser no later than 15 days after the copyright and property rights claim by the third party has been positively established.
  2. All award-winning works shall become the property of Zepter International, while the artist shall continue to hold the moral copyright and transfer the property rights to Zepter International for the production and disposal of a series of up to 100 items anywhere and for an unlimited period of time.
  3. The artist transfers the right to alter and adapt the award-winning designs for the purposes of producing the prototype and/or small-scale production (up to 100 items) without any compensation, anywhere and for an unlimited period of time.
  4.  Zepter International reserves the right to independently choose the material(s) for such small-scale production, to decide on the manner in which the product shall be promoted, to determine its price, etc. with the obligation to clearly display the artist’s name.
  5. Selected works cannot be withdrawn from the competition, nor can contestants withdraw the application before the closing date of the competition.
  6. All items may be used for exhibitions, catalogues or other marketing and promotional purposes as the competition organiser finds appropriate and without any further approval or presence of the artist or compensation to the artist anywhere, and for an unlimited period of time, observing the artist’s moral copyright.
  7. All artists shall be presented in the catalogue with reproductions of their works, their names and other professional and/or personal details in compliance with the data contained in the artists’ applications. Each artist is entitled to one free catalogue.
  8. The award-winning entries shall be presented at exhibitions to be held in Zepter shops and galleries in major European cities during 2017 – 2018. The organiser shall cover the costs of permanent exhibitions.
  9. The organiser reserves the right to change thedate/ timing sequence of the exhibitions depending on the availability of the exhibition venues.
  10. The names of the winners shall be published in Zepter’s specialised magazines, which will be sent to all Zepter International customers in the countries where the exhibitions are held.
  11. By signing the application to participate in the ARTZEPT 2017 Zepter International Design Award contest, the artists commit to compliance with all the above-stated terms and conditions for entering the contest.   

An Expert Jury appointed by Zepter International shall select the most successful works on this topic.
Submission Deadline: September 30, 2017
The entries ought to be submitted no later than 30 September, 2017 in electronic format only and to the following e-mail addresses: and via or any other large-file sharing service. Works sent after the specified date shall not be considered for the competition.

For more information please click "Further Official Information" below.

Eligible Countries
Publish Date
April 20, 2017


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