World Watercolor Competition 2016, Taiwan

Publish Date: Feb 10, 2016

Deadline: Jun 30, 2016

For corresponding with the global trend,opening new visions toward art,accelerating intercultural communications,elevating technique standard,raising the visibility of Taiwan watercolor,and fulfilling the idea of "Earth Nourishment,World Family,Art Communion",The organizers of Art & Decoration Service Co. and International Watercolor Society Taiwan branch in cooperation with the co-organizers of Chinese Asia-Pacific Watercolor Association,Taiwan International Watercolor Association,and Taiwan watercolor Association,host the 1st Taiwan World Watercolor Competition & Exhibition under the guidance of Ministry of Culture. By inviting worldwide watercolor artists and highly recognized watercolor masters to participate in the competition,and organizing symposiums,seminars,workshops,visits during the exhibition,we hope to promote and reinforce the development of watercolor art,making Taiwan an prominent country for watercolor art in a long term.

Entry Information


I.  The competition is open to all artists who are 16 years or older, amateur and professional, from allnations.

II. Entry is opened for artist’s original work only. Entries must be primarily painted with transparent watercolor      media on a watercolor paper surface and unvarnished (Yupo is permitted). Supplementary media such as        gouache, acrylic, egg tempera and other water-based composite media are allowed to use but the use of        transparent watercolor must be over 80% on the painting. No digital media, photography, prints or any            print-related reproductions may be used anywhere in the painting.

III. Entries must be completed within last three years (during Jun. 2013~Jun. 2016). Paintings done in a class or workshop setting may not be submitted.

VI. None of sides is more than 110 cm and less than 40cm. The accepted painting for exhibition must beunframed and sent in a drafting tube to the host organizer.

V. Entries must be available for sale. Register for entry means agreement with participation in thefollowing exhibition and the expense of frame rental fee. Entrants who withdraw from participation  in the following exhibition are not allowed to enter in future competitions.


Jury consists of 9 widely recognized authoritative figures from different countries which include watercolor artists, critics, and professors. The judges’ names will be announced later on our official website ( when the names are confirmed.

Exhibition Date & Venue:
Date:Oct.09 ~ Nov.06
Venue:Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei

Exhibit Scale

200 accepted paintings which pass the second stage of the jurying will be exhibited along with150~200 small-size watercolor works composed by the same painters of the 200 accepted paintings. The total exhibits will be around 400~458 pieces with paintings from the jurors and invited artists. The artists of the 200 accepted paintings will be informed for submission of original works via emails around Jul. 19, 2015. Each announced artist is eligible to submit a small size (each side is between 39~18cm) watercolor painting along with the accepted painting for exhibition.

Entry Procedure

I. Entry fee is $50 each entrant with maximum submission of 5 entries. Please see Appendix 3 for remittance information

II. Digital entries only. Complete the application form on Appendix 1 and submit high quality digital images of your entries. The image of entry must be in JPG format, over 300dpi, around 3~5MB with maximum 4000 pixels on the longer side. All the digital images should be submitted without a mat or frame. No digital enhancement or modification by any image-editing software is allowed. The file should be named with the order of artist’s name, title, dimension, media, and created year. (e.g., Mingchang Hsieh_Deep In My Memory_79x54cm_Transparent Watercolor_2015). 


III. Complete the artist’s resume on Appendix 2 and submit 1 head shot. The head shot must be in JPG format, over 300 dpi, around 200~300K and with artist’s name.

IV. Sending completed application form, digital entries, artist’s resume, head shot, and a copy of remittance receipt as attachments with an email to The subject of the email should be artist’s full name and country. Please note that all your digital entries must be sent  by once. Successive sending of entry images is not accepted.

V. Entry is void if entry fee is not received. No refund after the acceptance of entry application.

Application Time:Acceptance of entry application starts from now to Jun. 30, 2016.

Awards and Prizes

There will be 10 prize awards set for the exhibtion. The total prize is over $42,200 USD in purchase, cash, and merchandise.

I. Jury’s Awards:
All the Jury’s Awards are purchase awards. The winning paintings belong to organizers and prize-sponsors after the prize collected. Entrants are free to check if the entries join Jury’s Awards on entry application form.

1. Jury’s Gold Prize x1:$12,100 USD
2. Jury’s Silver Prize x1:$9,100 USD
3. Jury’s Bronze Prize x1:$6,100 USD
4. Jury’s Excellence Prize x 5:$2,500 USD

II. Other Awards:
1. The Best Taiwanese Artist Award x 1( for Taiwanese artists only):$1,500 USD
2. The Best Young Artist Award x 1(for artists under 30 years old):$900 USD
3. Public’s Choice Award x 3:Trophy
4. Final List Award x 30:Merit of certificate, exhibition catalogue, and a single page printing for the  winning painting in the exhibition catalogue
5. Exhibit Award:All the qualified exhibitors will receive an exhibition certificate

Selection Process

The entire selection process has 4 stages. Except the first stage conducted by the team members of Art & Decoration Service Co., the other 3 stages will all be juried by a select panel of 8~9 highly recognized judges. The judges’ name will be revealed later on our official website.

1st stage: Digital entries selected by the team members of Art & Decoration Service Co.

2nd stage: Digital entries pass 1st stage selection will be juried by 3 judges for a selection of 200 accepted exhibits. The artists of 200 exhibits are eligible to submit a small-size (each side is between 39~18cm) watercolor painting along with the accepted painting for exhibition. But the small-size paintings will not be collected into the exhibition catalogue.

The artists of the 200 accepted exhibits will be informed by emails for submission of original artwor and an extra small-size watercolor painting around Jul. 19, 2015.

3rd stage: Digital entries of the 200 accepted exhibits will be juried by the rest 6 judges for the top 30 watercolor artists.

Final stage: The original paintings of the top 30 watercolor artists will be juried by the 6 judges on spot for deciding prizes and awards winners.

Sales and Return

I.  Entries must be available for sale. Register for entry means agreement with participation in the following exhibition and the expense of frame rental fee. Entrants who withdraw from participation in the          following exhibition are not allowed to enter in future competitions.

II.  All the accepted works will be framed by the host organizer. Entrants whose works are accepted for exhibition should pay $30 frame rental fee per painting after receiving the email for submission of original work.

III. There will be no price change after acceptance of your submission of entry application. The host organizer retains 30% commission from the successful sales of the exhibits as fund for the next      competition and exhibition.

IV. Unsold exhibits will be returned to their creators by registered mail on the expense of the host organizer within 20 days after the exhibition. However, the recipient date could be varied from 2 weeks to 3 months due to various factors such as distance, delivery method, weather, custom, and other unexpected issues etc.. Register for entry means your agreement with our return policy.


Now: Open for entry

Jun. 30: Deadline for entry

Jul.5~7: The 1st stage of selection
Jul.11~12: The 2nd stage of selection
Jul. 19: Revelation of 200 accepted entries on 2016 TWWCE website and FB fans page. The artists of the accepted paintings will be informed with emails for submission of original work in a following week.

Jul. 25~29: The 3rd stage of selection
Aug. 8: Revelation of the top 30 artists on 2016 TWWCE website and FB fans page.

Sept. 9: Deadline for recipient of original works.

Sept. 12~14: Verification of original works.

Oct. 8: The final stage of selection.
Oct. 9: Opening and awarding ceremony of Taipei exhibition.Jury’s symposium & Masters’ share
Oct. 10: Masters’ share, Watercolor sketching workshops for Taiwan aborigine (The workshop is organized with 16 seats for artists in total. Except the seats for the judges, the rest seats are open for the application of the artists of 200 accepted paintings.)

Oct. 11~13: Artist seminar, visits and outdoor sketching tours at National Palace Museum, Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area, Danshui for judges (The artists of accepted paintings are welcome to join on own expense. The expense will be informed and revealed later.)
Nov. 6: Close of Taipei exhibition

Conditions & Rules

I. The entrants must submit according to the stated specifications in this document, otherwise the host will reject the entries. The entrants who submit more than 5 painting images will be disqualified. The  entrants whose original paintings fail to match the submitted images will be disqualified and not be permitted to enter the next competition.

II. Entries must be available for sale. Register for entry means agreement with participation in the following exhibition and the expense of frame rental fee. Entrants who withdraw from participation in the following exhibition are not allowed to enter in future competitions.

II. The jury’s decision is final. Winners must accept Purchase Awards as they checked in the entry  application form. The paintings awarded with Purchase Awards will be collected by the host after the award (cash) is paid. Naturally it is a duty for the winners to pay the tax according to the laws  of Taiwan.

III. Artists’ original work only. If photos are used for reference, they must be taken by or for the artists themselves. All entries must not violate others’ legal rights. The entrants take responsibility of any controversy caused by copyright, ownership, etc. and elimination of ill effects.

Copyright & Disclaimer

I. The host organizer owns the right of exhibiting, researching, photographing, videotaping, publishing  and promoting all accepted submissions. All accepted submissions are subject to the rules hereby.

II. The host organizer will be responsible for the insurance that covers the entire exhibition time. The host organizers and the co-organizers are not responsible for any lost or damage before and after the exhibition

III. The entrants should comply with the rules in this prospectus. The organizer committee reserves the right       of interpretation of the prospectus. Rules not mentioned herein will be sent to entrants if necessary. For further information, please visit our website and fans page.

IV. Controversies or lawsuits related to this event are committed to Great Taiwan Attorneys-At-Law with Taiwan Taipei District Court as the first instance court of competent jurisdiction.


Address:4F, No.20, 14 Ln., Jilin Rd., Taipei 104, Taiwan (Art & Decoration Service Co.)


Fax: +886-2-25315887

Submission Email:


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