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Workshop/CfP - New Thinking about Economic Challenges in the Design and Implementation of Programs to Stabilize the Climate, 8-10 August 2017, University of Stanford, USA

Publish Date: Apr 03, 2017

Deadline: Apr 08, 2017

Event Dates: from Aug 08, 2017 12:00 to Aug 10, 2017 12:00

Workshop Purpose

The purpose of the purposed workshop is to assemble a selection young economists whose research has featured new thinking on challenging theoretical and empirical questions bearing on the design and implementation of practical and economically efficient programs aimed at stabilizing the rise in radiative forcing due to the increased concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the Earth’s atmosphere. Focused attention to answering these questions potentially could make important contributions to securing and open path to sustainable development and global economic growth – while we still have time.

The common core of the issues that will figure saliently in this 3-day workshop’s sessions is their significance for advancing economic analysis of the requirements for coherent, effective and timely resource mobilization to support coordinated the concurrent and intertemporal programs that will need to be pursued throughout the coming half-century.  To be successful such programs would need to integrate the use of familiar and novel technological practices, well-established and innovative organizational routines, within an adaptively evolving institutional structure.  

Regardless of whether it is centrally coordinated or managed in one or several decentralized  ways, the sheer scope and complexity of such a world-wide undertaking and existential stakes that will be involved are without precedent in the history of mankind, and a challenge that is  all-the-more daunting when viewed in that perspective.  We are confident, however, that along with the many other relevant scientific disciplines, climate economics can contribute to an interdisciplinary advance of the frontiers of relevant knowledge. To realize that potential, however, calls for serious critical reexaminations of what has been achieved, and explorations beyond the boundaries of the research paradigms within which recommendations to guide climate policies have been forthcoming.   

Background and Motivation   

Currently there exists a pressing need to expand and re-focus the attention of researchers in the areas of energy and environmental economics on fresh approaches to the design of programs and policy implementation measures that would effectively address the dual challenges posed by global warming. First among these is the existential task of timely stabilization of the global climate system in a viable state permitting sustainable development. In addition to actions that would avert the consequences of abrupt changes in the climate system, which might lead to the disaster of self-reinforcing irreversible global warming, there is the challenge of mitigating the immediate and long term damages to human welfare and long-term ecological system services driven by the elevated and continued warming of Earth’s surface.   

Call for Papers

Online Paper Submission Procedure:

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