Workshop - Transplanted Places: Transplanted Places. Garden Design and Shifting Cultural Geographies 1650-1800, 22 – 24 June 2017, Germany

Publish Date: Jun 01, 2017

Event Dates: from Jun 22, 2017 12:00 to Jun 24, 2017 12:00

Workshop "Transplanted Places" „Transplanted Places. Garden Design and Shifting Cultural Geographies 1650-1800. Transregional Perspectives“

Organizers: Prof. Dr. Joachim Rees, Prof. Dr. Jeong-hee Lee-Kalisch
Venue Museum of Asian Art, Berlin-Dahlem, Small Lecture Hall


22.06.2017 Thursday

18.00 – 19.30 Welcome address | Joachim Rees, Jeong-hee Lee-Kalisch

Key note | Hans von Throtha

A Garden is a Garden is a Garden. Reestablishing a Discourse on the Art of Gardening in the Beginning of the Twenty-first Century

20.00 Dinner Alter Krug Dahlem

23.06.2017 Friday

09.30 – 13.00 Panel I Travelling, Collecting, Gardening Chair Klaas Ruitenbeek

Marianne Klemun Connecting Spaces – Mobile Meanings of Plants

Lianming Wang Exotic Plants and Transplanted Spaces in Eighteenth-Century Beijing

Stefan Schweizer Mountains, Rivers, Monuments. Landscape and Territory as Symbolic Features in Early Modern European Gardens

13.00 – 14.30 Lunch Seminaris Hotel Dahlem

14.30 – 18.30 Panel II Gardens and the Geography of Opposition and Dissent Chair Sebastian Fitzner

Jeong-hee Lee-Kalisch Veins and Bones: Garden Landscape as Representation of the Cosmic Organism

Jongsang Sung Garden as a Secluded Paradise – Seventeenth-Century Joseon Scholar Kosan Yoon Seondo’s Garden

Franziska Bub The Wörlitz Landscape Garden – A Place of Opposition and Retreat in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century

Joachim Rees Colonies Lost and Regained. Landscape Gardening and Contested ›Colonial Fantasies‹ in Late Eighteenth-Century Germany

24.06.2017 Saturday

09.00 – 12.30 Panel III Gardens and the Aesthetics of Itinerancy Chair Gert Gröning

Wybe Kuitert Raising Children: The Garden and Japan Perceptions of Constantijn Huygens

Anna Ananieva Curiosity for the East: Imagination and Knowledge of Chinese Culture in Eighteenth-Century Russia

Yoonjung Seo King Chŏngjo (r. 1776-1800) and His Political Ambition Represented in the Royal Garden: Focusing on the Gatherings at the Jade Stream in Ch’angdŏk Palace

Sheng-Ching Chang The Enlightenment of Prussia Through the Far East – From the Planning of the Royal Gardens of Potsdam to Nineteenth-Century Urban Greening

Final Discussion

13.30 – 15.00 Lunch Königliche Gartenakademie Dahlem

25.06.2017 Sunday

Excursion to Berlin-Marzahn Gardens of the World | Gärten der Welt

26.06.2017 Monday Departure

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