Voies Off Festival & Prizes 2016


February 20, 2016


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Right in the midst of the Rencontres d'Arles festival, every first full week in July, Voies Off Festival offers an alternative program to a new generation of artists and photographers.

Voies Off opens a window into the world with:

  • a festival of world contemporary photography in its most varied forms,
  • a yearly event and selection of works seen by professionals from all around the world,
  • a unique arena to show one's work,
  • highly-attended night projections show-casing works selected for the Voies Off Prize,
  • portfolio reviews organized with international professionals in the field,
  • an opportunity to be connected to the Voies Off network and meet like-minded photographers,
  • Voies Off organizes best parties in the region!

Voies Off Prizes


    • 60 works by 60 artists will be selected for the festival's night projections.
    • The 2016 Voies Off Prize: 5,000 €
    • The 2016 Révélation SAIF Prize: 2,500 €
    • The 2016 lacritique.org Prize on-line publication of a portfolio accompanied by a professional critique on www.lacritique.org
    • Portfolio Reviews offered to all applicants (selected or not).
    • + a Pass Privilège for the 60 selected photographers giving privileged access to international portfolio reviewers.


No restriction regarding age or nationality. Participants in the Voies Off Prize are: all amateur or professional photographers, artists, associations, collectives, groups, galleries, agencies, or schools… using photography as their medium. A commission will select the applications presenting originality and a personal approach. The works must be organized as a series showing coherent thinking developed through a theme, a personal vision. The main criterion considered by the commission will be a personal and creative vision.

Application Procedure

  1. Registration
  2. Payment
  3. Validation


Results will be emailed to the participants.
The result of the jury's selection for the 2016 festival will be announced in May 2016.
The winning portfolio will be announced in July 2016.


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February 17, 2016
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