URBAN 2016 Photo Awards Contest

Publish Date: Feb 08, 2016

URBAN 2016 Photo Awards, international contest organized by dotART cultural association, will accept entries from Sunday February 14th, 2016.

Now in its seventh edition, URBAN has as its main theme daily life in the city, which is seen throughstreet photography: real, instant images, that capture moments, people, faces and other elements capable of telling stories woven into the urban fabric. URBAN unveils the city and its secrets.

Themes And Section

The competition is open to all and features two distinct sections, one for themes photos, one for Projects & Portfolios:



Daily life in the city seen through street photography: real, instant images that capture moments, people, faces and other elements capable of telling stories woven into the urban fabric. The star of the show: the City.


Photography taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures.


Photography that covers all types of sports, both professional and amateur, including extreme sports and urban sports.


Section in which you can propose a set of photos with a free subject: thematic portfolios, photojournalism and storyboards (sequences of images that tell a story). The photographer is free to choose the topic, style, setting and subjects they prefer. Along with the photos, will have to write a brief description of its project.

For the SECTION #1 » THEMES PHOTOS each participant may submit up to 9 works (3 for each theme), for the SECTION #2 » PROJECTS & PORTFOLIOS, portfolios must be made of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 photos. Participants can run in both sections.

None of the photos may have previously won an award in another competition (the penalty for using previously awarded photos is the exclusion of the entry in question from the competition). We accept photos in colour or in black and white; post production is allowed. In SECTION #1 software corrections are to be kept to a minimum. In SECTION #2 post production and photo editing are accepted. In both sections pictures with visible signatures from the photographer will not be accepted. We do not accept images or works with offensive content; decisions regarding content will be made by the jury and are to be considered final.


The competition runs from February 14th, 2016, until midnight of May 31st, 2016 (CET).

For the SECTION #1 » THEMES PHOTOS, in order for the first photo to be accepted, the fixed € 10 entry fee must be paid; further photos may be entered at a cost of € 5 per photo.

For the SECTION #2 » STORIES & PORTFOLIOS, entry fee is fixed with € 30 for portfolio, regardless of the number of photos that make up the portfolio (min 3 photos, no more than 12). Each participant can submit a maximum of 3 portfolios.

Entries may be made by completing the Themes Photo form or the Projects form, where you will also be able to upload the photos. If simultaneous upload of several images gives you an error message, please upload the images one at a time.

To avoid upload issues please respect the following guidelines:

- ".jpg" format. NOT ".JPG" NOR ".jpeg";
- RGB colors;
- file dimension lesser than 7MB each;
- smallest side minimum 2000px / longest side no more than 6000px;
- no special characters in the "filename.jpg";
- to make sure to have the right order of the portfolio, please add to your filename a sequence number (e.g. filename03.jpg, 08filename.jpg, ...)


• Themed Photos
1st prize: € 1,000 + medal
2nd prize: € 500 + medal
3rd prize: € 300 + medal
Street Photography – 1st prize: € 100 + medal
Nature – 1st prize: € 100 + medal
Sports – 1st prize: € 100 + medal

• Projects & Portfolios
1st prize: € 500 + medal + personal exhibition in Zavičajni muzej Poreštine, Poreč, Croatia
2nd prize: € 100 + medal

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