University of South Bohemia PhD Scholarship in Fishery 2017, Czech Republic

Publish Date: Aug 24, 2017

Deadline: Nov 30, 2017

Fishery, PhD, full-time - 2017/2018

Postgraduate study in the accredited study field Fishery represents an interesting possibility to continue with acquiring new scientific knowledge according to an individual study plan. This study deepens knowledge and abilities acquired in the master study in relation to detailed professional specialization usually in context with current scientific and research issues in aquaculture, fish genetics and reproduction, fisheries, water protection, hydrobiology, aquatic toxicology etc. Students will be included in working groups in scientific laboratories of our faculty based on their dissertation topic. Aside ability to work in team, students will be requested to show creativity and self-activity and ability to publish results in scientific literature. Study aims to prepare students for their future research, scientific or pedagogical career at universities or research institutions and top-management of big companies even transnational ones.


• It is a daily study with minimum of 25 days of vacation + 12 days of national holiday. 
• The study is free of charge – when you study in standard period.
• Under this study a scholarship will be paid to you.
• You will get a minimal work load at our faculty of 10 %. Under certain condition it might be up to 100 %. 
• Your average monthly income (scholarship + salary) will be about 13,000 – 15,000 CZK. Excellent students can have income even more than 20,000 CZK. 
• It is a Czech program, but applicants from worldwide can be admitted to this program. Knowledge of Czech language is not an obligation. It is enough when you speak English.


1) Look at the offered themes of Ph.D. thesis for forthcoming academic year and select one of them.
2) Get in contact with supervisor written by the selected theme.
3) Include all necessary attachments: 
• List of marks and credits from passed subjects of master’s study verified by the study department (office) of the respective university, where the student studied – this applies to applicants for doctoral study, who have a possibility to be accepted without an admission interview. This obligation is not for students of the FFPW USB.
• Verified copy of a diploma about terminated bachelor´s and master´s study. Applicants, who have not properly completed master's degree by the closing date for submitting their application for study, shall indicate in their CV the expected time for completing the studies (issue of a diploma). The proof of master´s study termination must be submitted immediately after its receipt, no later than on the enrolment day to doctoral study. Provided that the graduation took place at a foreign university, the applicant submits a document about equivalence of foreign study and diploma with a study in a master´s study program accredited at a university in the CR, issued by its rector´s decision, unless the international treaty provides otherwise.
•Motivation letter with justification of interest in the study of the DSP at the FFPW USB, justifying the selection of the dissertation topic and a brief idea of how to solve or approach the solution of selected topic of the dissertation. The candidate applies for a specific topic of the dissertation by the selection from the themes offered for the given admission procedure. The list of offered dissertation topics is available on the websites of the FFPW USB.
• Brief structured curriculum vitae with details about achieved education, expert or scientific and research activities, list of publications and lectures, or reviews of expert activities
• Verified copy of an English language test certificate at least at the FCE level (B2) – this applies to applicants for study programs taught in English language.
4)All attachments except the documents verifying educational level can be delivered as e-attachments when submitting the application form via on-line application by 30th November 2017 (by e-mail to the address of Study office or as an attachment of the application form submitted by on-line application). In the case of specializations taught in English language, the application and attachments must be written in English.
Provided that the application contains formal deficiencies, the study office will ask the applicants in writing for the completion of the application. In case the formal deficiencies are not removed by 11th December 2017, these applications will be excluded from next part of the admission procedure. Applicants are responsible for accuracy of data in the application. If the applicant specifies wrong information in the application, he / she can be excluded from the admission procedure or the enrolment to study at the FFPW USB will not be allowed to him/her.

University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters
Office DSP and foreign relationship
Zátiší 728/II
389 25 Vodňany

Czech Republic
5) Pay a fee of 500 CZK for processing of your application and admission procedure.
6) Wait until you are contacted by our study office with further instructions
7) In case of doubts, feel free to contact our study office.


All applicants, whose application will not be excluded by the admission committee due to formal deficiencies, will be invited for the admission interview. The admission interview can take place in justified cases with the use of electronic communication technologies. In that case, however, the applicant bears the risks associated with the evaluation due to poor quality of connection. The applications of candidates who don´t appear for the interview without excuse will be excluded from the admission procedure. Applicants, who are unable to attend the interview, apologize in time and the excuse is accepted by the Dean, will be assessed by the admission committee in their absence based on the supplied materials.
The applicant must demonstrate a sufficiently wide base of general knowledge in animal biology, fisheries and water ecology during the admission interview. Knowledge of basic fishery literature with a clear idea of the topic of his / her Ph.D. thesis and the ways of dealing with the given issues, plus strong interest in scientific work are expected. Integral part of the admission interview is verification of the ability to communicate in English language.
The admission committee assigns 0-10 points to the applicant on the basis of the oral interview. Another 0-20 points will be assigned to the applicant on the basis of information about previous education, experience, publication and pedagogical activity etc. In this evaluation, the committee of the admission procedure will also take into account the position of the head of the relevant organizational unit of the faculty, where the student is going to work. The evaluation itself will be created by the average of the points proposed by the present members of the committee, rounded to two decimal places. Applicants, who do not receive more than 15 points, cannot be admitted to study.
If more than one applicant is assigned to the topic of dissertation, the candidate who receives the highest score will be accepted. In the case of the same number of points, the lot decides about the selected applicant. If one candidate is assigned to a given topic and he / she obtains at least 15 points from the admission committee, he / she will be accepted for study after the other conditions are fulfilled. Applicants who gain more than 15 points, but the topic of the Ph.D. thesis they have applied for will be filled by an applicant with a higher number of points, will be offered the opportunity to accept free topics of Ph.D. thesis if their supervisors are interested. Offering topics of vacant dissertations will be done according to the instructions of supervisors who issue them.
The admission procedure for the doctoral field of study Fishery will take place in English language; other conditions for the admission procedure to doctoral study remain consistent with the ones mentioned above. Fees for study in English language are determined by the Dean of the faculty in a separate decision in advance before the term for submission of applications (30th November 2017).
  • Applicants, who receive more than 15 points from the admission committee are placed among the admitted students, or agree on the admission to a free topic, and meet other conditions for admission, will receive notification of acceptance.
  • Applicants, who receive more than 15 points from the admission committee and are placed in the number of admitted students, or agree on the admission to a free topic, but do not meet the conditions for admission (it concerns applicants who do not have terminated master´s education at the time of the interview or do not have recognized foreign education in the Czech Republic), will be informed that they have met the conditions for admission and will be accepted after all conditions have been met.
  • Applicants, who do not receive more than 15 points from the admission committee or are not placed among the admitted students and are not offered other free topic of the Ph.D. thesis, or students who do not meet other conditions (in particular with regard to evidence of master´s education under the above conditions), will not be admitted to study.

The admission interview for the doctoral study will take place on 15th December 2017 (the change of the date is reserved). Time and place of the admission interview will be specified in the invitation sent to the applicants to their name and address mentioned in the application, 5 days before the term of the admission interview at the latest.

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