Oxford Summer School - Charlotte Bronte's 'Villette' and George Eliot's 'Daniel Deronda', 7-14 August 2021, UK

University of Oxford


February 28, 2021


Event Date:

August 07, 2021 - August 14, 2021


Charlotte Bronte's 'Villette' and George Eliot's 'Daniel Deronda'


Charlotte Bronte’s final novel, Villette, and George Eliot’s final novel, Daniel Deronda, present us with heroines who are difficult, complicated women, both pushed to psychological extremes. The plots are constantly surprising; experiments in non-rational states of mind jostle with the politics of religion; and the European scenes take these novels far beyond the standard Victorian novel of English society. Less well-known than Jane Eyre and Middlemarch, these two novels deserve as much attention. They will provoke argument and strong responses from surprised readers just as they did in the mid-nineteenth century. 

Programme details

Session 1

Villette – The Reader

Session 2

Villette – The Traveller

Session 3

Villette -  Gentlemen

Session 4

Villette -  Argument

Session 5

Villette – The Park

Session 6

Daniel Deronda - Gambling

Session 7

Daniel Deronda - England

Session 8

Daniel Deronda - Jews

Session 9

Daniel Deronda - Guilt

Session 10

Daniel Deronda – Mothers

Session 11

Daniel Deronda – Release?

Session 12

Discussion of both novels

Course aims

This course aims to give students the opportunity to read two demanding and brilliant classical novels, Villette and Daniel Deronda.

Teaching methods

All summer school courses are taught through group seminars and individual tutorials. Students also conduct private study when not in class and there is a well stocked library at OUDCE to support individual research needs.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be expected

  • To have understood and enjoyed Villette and Daniel Deronda
  • To have grappled with George Eliot’s version of Zionism
  • To be able to think about conflicting moral schemes and values
  • To have acquired much useful information about how to deceive spies, the aesthetics of a well-fed Cleopatra, why statues should avoid moveable panels, eloquent monomania and the life chances of a musical mountebank’s child

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