International Summer School in Essential Genetics, 23 July - 16 August 2019, UK

University of Glasgow

Event Date:

July 23, 2019 - August 16, 2019

Opportunity Cover Image - International Summer School in Essential Genetics, 23 July - 16 August 2019, UK


Our Summer School is an excellent introduction to studying at an international university.

Summer study allows you to:

  • Explore a particular topic in more depth
  • Experience teaching from world-class academic staff
  • Supplement your studies and gain international experience and credits at a world-class university.


Who are you? Do you know why you have the eye colour you do? In humans, which has evolved more quickly – the brain or sperm? Are you fascinated by genetics? From Mendel’s Peas to the sequencing of the Human Genome, explore how this field of biological science has led to the discovery of the genes that make us unique, as well as those that cause devastating diseases.

This course aims to describe the structure, organization and replication of DNA, present the properties of genes and their inheritance, and discuss the nature of mutations, genetic variation and gene mapping.

You will also learn about the nature of the genome projects and their applications, discuss the nature of human genetic disease – especially diagnostics and treatments – and reflect on the ethical implications of advances in genetics.

We provide training in the analysis of sequence data and patterns of inheritance, and enable you to appreciate the role of genetics in the study of many fields of biology.

Entry requirements

  • Eligible students will have completed 1st year of the Undergraduate Degree, majoring in a Biological Science (e.g. Genetics, Molecular and Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology).  It will be beneficial to have some background knowledge of basic genetics e.g mono and dihybrid crosses, Mendelian Inheritance. 
  • Transcripts should show a strong background in University-level Biology or successful completion (pass) of a University-level Anatomy course. 
  • No applications from High School candidates will be considered for this course.


  • GPA of 3.0 (or equivalent)

If your first language is not English, you must meet our minimum proficiency level:

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic module (not General Training) overall score of 6.0, with no sub test less than 5.5
  • we also accept equivalent scores in other recognised qualifications such as ibTOEFL, CAE, CPE and more
  • visit eligibility

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