University of A Coruña Intalent Research Programme 2017, Spain

Publish Date: Jul 03, 2017

Deadline: Sep 20, 2017


The University of A Coruña (UDC), in partnership with Inditex, invites applications from suitable candidates for research grants under the InTalent programme. InTalent is a new research support initiative by UDC and Inditex, based on the sole criterion of scientific excellence and aimed at attracting postdoctoral research talent with extensive international experience and standing.

As part of the company’s growing presence in higher education institutions, including its flagship collaboration with UDC, Inditex is actively committed to initiatives aimed at supporting research and knowledge transfer projects for the expansion, improvement and modernisation of learning systems at third level, and maximising the enterprise potential of higher education for the benefit of society as a whole.

In addition to its teaching and research activities, UDC is also obliged, in consonance with its purpose and objectives as a public institution, to establish effective networks of cultural and scientific exchange and communication between members of the university community, for the development of skilled professionals, researchers, teachers and technical workers, and the enhancement of social and cultural well being.

UDC and Inditex believe that scientific, cultural and technological cooperation in the field of research and development, and the practical utilisation of knowledge, can and should be harnessed for the common good. To that end, they are committed to strengthening the University’s research capacity and talent strategies by attracting professionals with a strong international reputation and outstanding research track record to join the academic community at UDC.

The aim of the InTalent programme is to encourage researchers with an existing or recent link to UDC to remain at or return to the University, and to attract new research talent from other parts of Spain and around the world. The programme is targeted at researchers capable of attracting competitive international research funding, with an effective research and communication proposal that promises a positive scientific and socio-economic impact.


1. The purpose of the InTalent programme is to attract, create, retain and recover innovative scientific talent for UDC, to help foster a climate of scientific and research excellence at the University. The scheme is aimed at researchers of any nationality wishing to pursue their research activities at UDC.

2. The aim of this call is to initiate a competitive contracting process for two recognised researcher positions, in accordance with the principles of public notice and objectivity provided in Article 23 of the Science, Technology and Innovation Act, 14/2011 (1 June; BOE nº131, 2 June 2011). The process will be conducted in compliance with the objectives defined by the European Union under the OTM-R (Open, Transparent, Meritbased) model for the recruitment of researchers. UDC has also been awarded the ‘HR Excellence in Research’ badge by the European Commission, in recognition of its commitment to providing and supporting a stimulating, research-friendly environment.

3. The aim of the scheme is to offer support to all Excellent Science projects without exclusion, irrespective of discipline or specialisation. Notwithstanding, the selection process will also take into account the feasibility of carrying out the project at UDC, the extent to which proposals coincide with the goals stated in the ‘RIS3 in Galicia’ plan, and the following research areas, prioritised by UDC on the basis of their emergent nature, academic projection and strategic importance in relation to the current University development plan:

a) UDC Technology Park − CITIC: Centre for Information and Communications Technology Research − CITEEC: Centre for Building and Civil Engineering Technology − CICA: Centre for Advanced Scientific Research − CIT: Centre for Technological Research

b) Specialist Research Campuses − Industrial Campus − Innova Campus − Sustainable Development Campus

c) University Research Institutes.

d) Humanities and Social Sciences


Applicants will be required to meet the following criteria:

− Possession of a PhD awarded, at least, three years prior to the date of publication of the call for proposals provided herein. The date of award will correspond to the date of thesis examination and approval by the examination board. For candidates with more than one PhD, the provisions of this paragraph will apply to the earlier (or earliest) date of award.

− Fulfilment of current eligibility criteria for ERC Starting or Consolidator calls announced for 2018 and subsequent years.

− Minimum 24-month research placement in R&D institutions outside of the country of the PhD awarding institution, to be completed prior to the date of publication of the call for proposals provided herein. Total placement may be an aggregate of multiple mobility periods lasting no less than one month each. Applicants in possession of a PhD completed in a university outside of their own country will be deemed to have met the international mobility requirement provided in this section.

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