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Training - True Colours of Exhibition Design, 01 – 04 September 2015, Germany


July 04, 2015


Event Date:

September 01, 2015 - September 04, 2015

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Exhibition design combines curatorial, graphical, (interior) architectural and media aspects. Within design disciplines, colour forms an important interface. Through exhibition visits, guided tours and individual creative outputs, the many facets of exhibition design and undervalued subarea colour shall be introduced and discussed.

Exhibition design combines curatorial, graphical, (interior) architectural, media and other aspects. Within design disciplines, colour forms an important interface. There are many linkages regarding building conservation and architecture as well as content conception of exhibitions. This area serves as an originator of the workshop, to point out exhibition design as a whole and colour in particular. The many facets of display design will be conveyed via relevant exhibition visits and subsequent practice-oriented interpretation and application of colour. They will also be examined on the basis of examples and project sketches.

Day 1:   

  • General outline of exhibition design and the role as well as perception of colour within exhibitions.
  • Connected with a relevant visit to a museum or temporary display.

Day 2:

  • Coding = diversity of colour and its derivatives regarding use in exhibitions; e.g. historic, thematic, didactic, pedagogic, pointed etc.
  • Medium = colour and its derivatives regarding settings, atmospheres, moods, orientation, structure etc.
  • Reaction = colour and its derivatives regarding existing surroundings, (reference) objects etc.
  • Verbalisation of task for next two days
  • Start of work on task

Day 3 - Work on task:

  • Preset colour spectrum as a guideline to examine applicability within exhibition context
  • Can be translated as an exhibit, a compendium, a setting, a tool-kit etc.
  • To be formulated as a three-dimensional drawing, a visualisation, an actual object or individually reasonable
  • Team work

Day 4:

  • Work on task (morning)
  • Discussion and debriefing of task results and workshop outcomes (afternoon)

Run period: 01.09.2015 – 04.09.2015

Course time: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Application Deadline: 04.08.2015
Course fee: EUR 450 
Min. number of participants: 12
Max. number of participants: 15

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