The University Start Up World Cup Competition 2016

Publish Date: Jul 13, 2016

Deadline: Aug 21, 2016

Event Dates: from Oct 03, 2016 12:00 to Oct 07, 2016 12:00

About competition

The University Startup World Cup will start off in Copenhagen with pitch session, investor meetings, mentor meetings, a trade show, a competition and the chance to build a strong startup network across the world.  The week will end off with the election of the world’s best university startup!

The University Startup World Cup is more than just an entrepreneurial competition. The aim is to support the development process of all finalist teams. Over the course of one year,  an environment in which the finalists can find the tools and inspiration to truly reach their full potential via our mentor program will be fostered, as well as pre-accelerator program and a valuable international network.

Criteria for submitting in the University Startup World Cup

  • The startup is working on process optimization including repeatable sales and customer acquisition processes.
  • There is a formal structure for the business operations and processes.
  • The business model is being improved for scalability.
  • Has tested/proven a valid and solid market or first paying customers have emerged.
  • Ideal for angel investors and VCs.

About presentation

Prepare a powerpoint presentation of max. 10 slides.

  • Cover slide: ​startup name, founders, a visionary sentence, location, date etc.
  • Business story (Storytelling): Deliver a story to demonstrate your business purpose­it should lead to your product being the LOGICAL conclusion.
  • The problem: Define the problem/pain/need you are solving, and for whom; mention current solutions.
  • Product/service: Show how you address the problem/pain/need and how customers use/value your product/service (Use visuals and images and less text).
  • Market opportunity: define your market (what business/space you are in?); Total market size (Dollar size, your place/niche); Targeted customers (who exactly you serve); Macro trends & insight.
  • Competition (positioning): Tell about your key advantages and how your business differentiate in the market (you can use market position diagram model).
  • Revenue Model: How do you make money from your primary customers?; What is the pricing/model?; Show basic math on revenues and conversion rates; Life­time value of an average customer (How many months? How much money?).
  • Why your startup should be chosen among the top teams: Mention your key business key facts & achievements for motivation (Momentum, Traction and Expertise). Some thoughts could be : Show your timeline and milestones achieved to date; growth metrics; Highlight press, partnerships and accolades; Customer success stories and/or testimonials.
  • Team: Highlight key team members and their prior positions, successes and domain expertise; Demonstrate relevant experience; Which roles are the keys to success in your company/market/space?

What are the elements of a business story?

  • Background: ​Describe a current situation, characters, and problem. Emphasize the customer and their pain.
  • Challenge: ​Describe the challenges and conflicts that impede a coherent plan to solve the problem.
  • Resolution: ​portray a solution to the challenges and problem and how the venture will succeed by resolving the problem.

The main categories of the competition

Once you have prepared your PowerPoint presentation and perhaps a video, you should have a clear idea of which category your idea belongs to.

We will screen all presentations to make sure that the right category is chosen. You can apply with more than one idea if they belong to different areas. However, you cannot submit the same idea in more than one category.

  • Life Science & MedTech,
  • Mobile & Web,
  • Sharing economy and IoT,
  • IndustryTech & Robotics,
  • FinTech,
  • Green Tech.

Submit in our competition system

When submitting, you will be asked to provide information on the team members and various aspects of your business, strategy etc. – you should set aside good time for this as the judges will base their decisions on your detailed information. Furthermore, your must upload a slide presentation.

Whether you will be selected as a finalist depends both on your reflection on the business idea and the slide presentation.

Checklist before applying

  • Your slide presentation is ready,
  • All contact info on all team members should be clearly stated in the presentation and in our online competition management tool (the site where you upload your business plan),
  • Make sure your slide presentation is saved as a PDF (max. 10MB) and named after your business idea.


All applications are handled securely by our online competition management system. Once you click “Submit here” a new window will open for your application. You must register a profile, fill out all the required information, upload the presentation (and perhaps a video) to our online competition management system, then you will receive a confirmation e-mail for a successful upload. 

You can find  online application form by clicking the original link.

For more information click "Further official information" below. 

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