The Type Directors Club Typography Competition 2017

Publish Date: Dec 28, 2016

Deadline: Jan 18, 2017

Enter original professional or student work designed in 2016

The Type Directors Club annual competitions highlight the world’s best typographic work in both communication and typeface design. Competition winners will be included in the highly respected TDC Annual. Enter for your chance to become a part of our rich history of typographic excellence.



Early Bird

Entries submitted by Midnight, October 28, 2016

Single Entry
$45 (US) TDC Members
$60 (US) Non Members

Series Entry
$75 (US) TDC Members
$90 (US) Non Members


Entries submitted by Midnight, December 9, 2016

Single Entry
$60 (US) TDC Members
$75 (US) Non Members

Series Entry
$90 (US) TDC Members
$105 (US) Non Members


Entries submitted December 10, 2016 to
NOON, January 18, 2017

Single Entry
$75 (US) TDC Members
$70 (US) TDC Student Members
$90 (US) Non Members
$85 (US) Non Member Students

Series Entry
$105 (US) TDC Members
$100 (US) TDC Student Members
$120 (US) Non Members
$115 (US) Non Member Students

Publication/Hanging Fees

All winners will be charged a publication/hanging fee for being included in the book and the traveling exhibitions.

Single Entry Publication/Hanging Fee
$80 (US) TDC Members
$100 (US) Non Members

Series Entry Publication/Hanging Fee
$120 (US) TDC Members
$150 (US) Non Members

Forms of Payment

Payment must be submitted with entries. It may be in cash, check in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank, or charged to American Express, Visa, or MasterCard.

International Discount

We invite type designers and graphic designers who are residents of the following countries to enter the TDC competitions for a reduced fee.

Use the coupon code: friends

The reduced fee is a 50% discount on the current entry prices. This discount is available through January 18, 2017. The countries that receive the international discount are published on the official website (see "Further Official Information" below this announcement). Please note that the country of residence is the criterion rather than country of origin.

Eligible Entries


Entries must have been produced or published during 2016. Submissions can be by anyone associated with the entry. Work designed for the TDC and by the Chair and judges is ineligible.

NO IDENTIFICATION of designer/submitter (e.g. business cards) may be attached to front or back of print entries, other than official Entry Forms. 


If the actual piece is unavailable/unmanageable (e.g. signage, displays, POP, large packaging, billboards) photographic prints 8 x 10 inches (20 x 25 cm) are acceptable. Photographs with more than one item are series entries.

Mounting of Entries

  • Entries in the IDENTITY category MUST be mounted on a board and not to exceed 14 x 22 inches (36 x 56 cm).
  • Items may overlap.
  • The maximum of six selected, representative items for series pertains to the number of mounted items not boards.
  • The maximum size of boards not to exceed 14 x 22 inches (36 x 56 cm).

Types of Entries

Single Entry: Is one item ONLY.

Series/Campaign Entry: Two but not more than six typographically and conceptually related pieces in one category for the same event, product or subject matter, such as posters, ads, booklets, television commercials, packaging, etc. If more than six items are submitted the Show Committee will select six representative pieces for judging. Unrelated items, e.g. different books by the same publisher or different productions by the same theater, must be submitted as single entries.

Entry Areas/Categories

Entries may be submitted in one of three areas: Print, Digital Media and Student Work. Series can be mixed in Print and Digital Media.


Entries like signage, displays, exhibits, etc. need not have been produced by printing and can be submitted as photographic prints. 


All submissions should be in QuickTime format, 1280 x 720 with h.264 codec. Files should be sent to the Type Directors Club on a DVD or sent online using a file transfer service (, or similar services) and the download link provided during completion of the entry forms. Each entry should also include six (6) still frames from the piece as JPEGs. 


For entries that require demonstrating specific actions or functionality we suggest creating a video and submitting it as part of your entry. Follow the submission guidelines for MOTION entries.


For more information call the
TDC office (212-633-8943) or

For more information click "Further Official Information" below.

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