Cultural Innovation International Prize 2016/17 - Climate, Culture and Change, Spain


January 31, 2017


Opportunity Cover Image - Cultural Innovation International Prize 2016/17 - Climate, Culture and Change, Spain

Climate Change Second Edition

The second edition of the Cultural Innovation International Prize encourages projects that offer imaginative and effective solutions to one of the biggest global problems of the 21st century. The winning proposal will be included in an exhibition on the subject at the CCCB.
Climate change is one of the central themes of the CCCB’s 2016-2017 programme. In the course of the year we’ll be offering activities, talks and a major exhibition with the aim of addressing what we see as one of the biggest challenges facing humankind.
Year two of the International Prize for Cultural Innovation marks the start of this annual interdisciplinary agenda and opens the debate about the role that culture and cultural institutions can play in helping to address the problem.

Climate, culture, change

The 2nd Cultural Innovation Prize is open to innovative cultural projects that raise awareness about climate change, empowering and involving society actively in the global commitment to environmental responsibility.

Is designed so that the winning proposal can be featured in the framework of the exhibition «After the End of the World»  in October 2017. If applicable, the project will be loaned space at Beta Station, a laboratory space adjoining the Centre’s galleries.
Includes prize money of 20,000 euros to develop the winning proposal.
Is open to projects in the framework of the third culture (proposals that explore links between art, science, humanities and technology), education (informative and educational formats that involve educators, children, young people and families) or citizen-led innovation (new tools, platforms and programmes for collective participation and the design of ideas for social transformation).
An international jury will evaluate the finalist projects:

  • Laura Faye Tenenbaum, science communicator at the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory 
  • Alison Tickell, founder and director of Julie's Bicycle
  • Lucy Wood, director of Cape Farewell
  • Jose Luís de Vicente, curator of the CCCB’s upcoming exhibition «After the End of the World» (2017)
  • Juan Insua, director of the CCCBLab


Once the submission period has closed, the CCCB will read through the entries to make sure they comply with the requirements stipulated in the guidelines, and the list of entries that have been accepted and excluded will be published on the Prize website. A Technical Commission will evaluate the successful projects according to the established selection criteria and select up to ten shortlisted entrants. During the evaluation process, the CCCB may ask the entrants for any supplementary information about the project that they deem necessary.
The CCCB will contact the representatives of the shortlisted project to inform them of their decision and ask them to provide the necessary documents accrediting their natural or legal status. Natural persons will be asked to e-mail a scanned copy of their identity cards or passports to the CCCB. Legal persons will be asked to e-mail scanned copies of their articles of association and the identity documents of their legal representative to the CCCB.
Should the shortlisted entrants consist of a group of people or entities, they will be asked to appoint a representative by submitting a document signed jointly by the natural persons who are part of the group and the representative of the legal persons. This document will be provided by the CCCB.
Once the requisite documents have been submitted and the details verified, the CCCB will publish the shortlisted projects on the Prize website together with a brief description of the proposals and the interventions that the CCCB has agreed to carry out to bring them to the public’s attention.
The CCCB will invite the author or representative of each shortlisted project to take part in a series of workshops in Barcelona and present their projects to the Jury. The Jury will then select the winning project and award the prize to the winner or representative.


The Cultural Innovation International Prize is a biennial competition organised by the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (hereafter CCCB) with the aim of incentivising projects that explore the potential cultural scenarios of the coming years. The Prize seeks to foster contexts and provide the tools to harness the creative and innovative potential of the community. It provides a new space for contemporary creation and the dissemination of projects with the purpose of developing imaginative solutions to the cultural challenges of the 21st century.

Subject of the call for entries

The theme of the second call for entries (2016-2017 Prize) is climate change. Entrants for the Prize must present a culturally innovative, consciousness-raising project about this theme. The project must empower the community and actively involve them in embracing values of environmental responsibility. The second Cultural Innovation International Prize is part of the CCCB’s interdisciplinary project about the challenges global warming poses for our planet and the ways cultural institutions can work together and act as catalysts for social change. The winning project will be featured in the activities included in the exhibition «After the End of the World» (provisional title) which will run at the CCCB from October 2017 to March 2018. The project must be executed between January and March 2018. See information about the exhibition.

Spheres of activity

The CCCB has identified a number of ways to address the challenges of climate change from the cultural sphere. We are open to new, hybrid approaches. By way of an example, we propose the following areas from which we can tackle the subject of climate change:
Third culture: Proposals which explore the connections between art, science, the humanities and technology.
Educational proposals: Initiatives and ideas involving educators, children, young people and families through new informative and educational formats.
Citizen-led innovation: Projects developing new tools, platforms and programmes for participating and collectively designing proposals aiming at cultural transformation.

Project format

The projects submitted may be in any format or genre. If the project requires a physical space it will be developed at the CCCB’s Beta Station. Depending on the format and aims, other spaces can also be used to complement the project on the CCCB premises or elsewhere. See information about the Beta Station. The projects must be submitted in English, Spanish or Catalan.

Selection criteria

The submitted proposals will be considered on the basis of the following criteria:
Degree of innovation: The project must show outstanding creativity with particular importance placed on innovative qualities regarding solutions that have already been developed and implemented.
Cross-cutting formats and methods: Special consideration will be given to those projects that combine themes, genres, formats and/or forms of cultural management. At the same time, importance will be placed on the inclusion of dynamics characteristic of other fields and disciplines.
Real impact of the project: Special consideration will be given to those proposals geared to finding effective ways of involving society that have a measurable positive impact.
Viability of carrying out the project: The project presented must be economically and organisationally viable taking into account the prize money awarded and the agreed timeframe. Importance will be placed on the balance between the proposed interventions and the resources they require.
Relationship with the public: Special consideration will be given to those projects that seek to involve the public in creating, managing and distributing the contents.
Sustainability in the broadest sense: Importance will be placed on those projects that incorporate ecological guidelines and criteria in their production and implementation phases.

Conditions of entry

The following persons are eligible to enter for the Prize:
• Natural persons aged 18 or over living in any country. They may enter individually or as a group.
• Non-profit legal persons (foundations, associations, cooperatives…) resident in any country.
• A group consisting of any of the above. 

The following are not eligible to enter for the Prize:
• Employees of the CCCB, members of the Jury and Technical Commission.
• For-profit legal persons.
• Public administrations or any associated bodies.
• Winners of the previous prizes.

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