The Jerwood Choreographic Research Project, UK

Publish Date: Sep 09, 2016

Deadline: Oct 18, 2016

The program 

The Jerwood Choreographic Research Project (JCRP) is an innovative investment model designed to broaden and challenge the understanding of choreography by enabling artists to think, dream and experiment freely.

We’re looking for ideas which aim to change the way choreography is thought about, who it is for and what it can do.  JCRP II aims to support research into ideas which redefine the choreographic, bring together extraordinary collaborators, embrace artistic risk and explore new models of practice and presentation.

The JCRP II Contributors have identified some research ideas as relevant for the sector for the development of choreography.  These are suggestions only – we actively welcome and encourage new research ideas that explore other areas.

  • Formal concerns such as movement vocabulary development, new choreographic languages, composition
  • Narrative experiments & storytelling forms
  • Dramaturgy and structure
  • Modes of engagement with audiences: participation and accessibility, interaction with active audiences
  • Amateur and community practice used in professional frames
  • New theatrical formats
  • Forms of sociability & community building
  • Politics / Society / Activism: work which explores urgent issues of society and agency
  • Interest / collaboration with another discipline
  • Performance and the role of dancers / performers
  • Curation and the role of the choreographer

The JCRP II is now open for applications.


  • Read the Eligibility Criteria and Application Process sections below thoroughly before applying.
  • Applications can only be submitted online from this page.  The form will stay active for 30 minutes.  You are advised to prepare your application offline.  There is also an option to ‘Save and Continue Later’ allowing you to work on your application and submit within one month.
  • Applications must be made by midnight on 19th October 2016.  Applications received after this time will not be considered.


  • We are looking for research ideas from artists and creatives who self-define their work as choreographic.
  • Proposals from collaborative groups are welcome.
  • Previous JCRP applicants, successful or unsuccessful, may apply again.
  • The lead applicant must have been resident in the UK for at least a year; collaborators can be situated anywhere in the world.
  • Research and sharing of research must take place in the UK.
  • You cannot apply if you will be a full-time student below PhD level at the proposed start date of your research project. PhD students are eligible to apply.
  • You can apply for funding for any amount between £2,000 and £100,000, depending upon the needs of your proposal.
  • The JCRP supports research activity only – proposals including production or performance costs will be ineligible.
  • You may only submit one research proposal as the lead artist.  You can be named as a collaborator on any number of projects where another artist is the designated lead.
  • We anticipate the majority of projects will be completed by summer 2018.  Should artists and creatives require longer this will be negotiated individually with the Lead Research Partner  (this is the JCRP Contributor that will be the main contact and who will provide additional support throughout their research project).


In addition to personal and contact details, the following information will be required.


  • Summarise your project in 50 words or less.
  • In 500 words or less describe your research project including: an explanation of the aim and methodology of the research; names of confirmed and anticipated collaborators or partners; and indication of the anticipated outcome and outputs of the research; a description of the resources needed to complete the research such as people involved, studio space, technical equipment, etc, and an indication of which of these will need to be funded and those you will provide yourself; and indication of the time period anticipated and preferred locations within the UK.
  • Describe your project using three distinct keywords.  Note: These are for sorting and classification purposes during the reading and shortlisting process and are not intended to define or restrict your project idea.  An example might be ‘architecture’, ‘ballet’ and ‘motion capture’. 


  • Provide a link to one sample of your current or recent practice.  This could be video (on Vimeo or YouTube, for example), audio (such as Soundcloud or Yourlisten) or an album of images (such as Flickr or Photobucket, or a link to a Facebook photo album).
  • Video and audio links should be no more than 3 minutes’ duration.
  • Explain how this relates to your research proposal.  Note: If your research proposal does not relate to your current or recent practice, describe how your research will influence the development of your practice.


  • Summarise your work history in no more than 200 words.


  • State the amount you are seeking from the JCRP.  This can be between £2,000 and £100,000.
  • Follow the budget headings provided.
  • Your budget does not need to be overly detailed but there does need to be sufficient information for us to get a broad sense of how you propose to use JCRP funds.
  • Include both income and expenditure.  Include any other cash income you will receive for your project, such as grants, as well as in-kind support.
  • Expenditure should include all of the resources you need to undertake your research.  The value for resources given in kind should also be shown here (so that in-kind income and expenditure match).


Personal and contact details, along with monitoring information, have no bearing on your application and will be removed from your application prior to assessment.

To monitor the type of applications we receive we need to collect information which does not directly relate to our assessment of your application. We include questions defined as ‘protected characteristics’ in The Equality Act 2010: age, gender, ethnicity and disability.  Monitoring information is NOT part of the application process and will be separated from your application.  If you do not wish to answer particular questions this will not affect your application.  The information given is wholly confidential.

** NEW!  There is now an Application Form Worksheet in MSWord format which you can download from this page that will allow you to work on your application offline.  Please note that applications can only be submitted using the online form and that the worksheet will not be accepted in lieu of this. **


  • All eligible proposals will be read by three people.
  • A panel of Contributors will shortlist up to 30 projects; these applicants will be invited to present their proposal on 8th December 2016.
  • Shortlisted presentations can be made in the format best suited to the proposal – filmed, spoken, etc.  Please bear in mind these presentations are not performances. 



Do I need to have a dance background to apply?

No. We are looking for research ideas from artists and creatives who self-define their work as choreographic and may, for example, include visual and digital artists and performance artists, live and performance artists, architects and theatre practitioners. This will in turn stimulate the continued reach and evolution of dance, encourage new collaborations and enable the development of innovative ideas to be championed by the producing partners.

Can I apply with other people?

Yes. Proposals from collaborative groups of artists and creatives working together on a particular idea are welcome.  However the application must be submitted by a nominated lead individual. Collaborators may be based in the UK or elsewhere.

Do applicants need to be based in the UK?

Yes. The lead applicant must have been living in the UK for at least a year prior to the application deadline. Collaborators can be based elsewhere.

Does research have to take place in the UK?

Research supported by JCRP including sharing of research outcomes MUST take place in the UK.

Can producers apply?


Can I apply if I am currently studying?

You cannot apply if you will be a full-time student below PhD level at the proposed start date of your research project. PhD students are eligible to apply.


Who owns the copyright on research ideas?

Copyright of the research idea is owned by the artist. However, if the research forms part of or is the basis for a future project in any medium, JCRP must be credited.

Can I apply to JCRP for production support?

No. The JCRP is to support research activity. However, if your research is related to an area of interest relevant to performance you should describe this relationship in your application.

How much will you invest per project?

There is no set investment amount. We will shortlist a maximum of 30 artists and expect to fund between a third and half of these projects. The division of the fund depends on which research proposals the Contributors decide to support. DanceXchange reserves the right, however, to support a smaller number of projects or for all of the funds to be allocated to one or two projects.

How much can I apply for?

You can apply for any amount between £2,000 and £100,000.

Can I submit more than one research project for consideration?

No. You may only submit one research proposal as the lead artist.  You can be named as a collaborator on any number of projects where another artist is the designated lead.

Are you able to comment on my application before final submission?

No.  While we are not able to comment on draft applications we can assist with any questions you may have that may not have been answered here.

If successful, can I raise additional investment to support my research?

Yes.  This should be listed at ‘Income From Other Sources’.

If successful, when do I have to complete my research?

We anticipate that all projects will have completed the funded phase of research by summer 2018, but given the nature of research we accept some successful projects may take longer and that this will be negotiated individually between the artist and their Lead Research Partner.

Can I submit an application without using the online form?

No. The online form has been implemented to enable us to streamline the process of assessment and shortlisting, as well as to implement a degree of standardisation. 


How will the applications be shortlisted?

A panel of Contributors will compile the shortlist. Applications will be divided into batches and each application will be reviewed by at least three people.

How many applicants will be shortlisted?

Up to 30 applicants will be shortlisted and invited to present their proposal.

Will you help shortlisted applicants to prepare their proposal for the presentation event?

Yes. Presentations can be made in the format best suited to each idea. Please bear in mind these presentations are notperformances.

When is the presentation event?

The presentation event will take place in Birmingham on 8thDecember 2016.

Can I apply if I am unable to attend the presentation event?

Yes, but it is ideal that you attend in person to present your research proposal.  If you cannot attend you can prepare a 3-minute presentation on video instead.

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