The Everyday Heroine Photography Award 2017

Publish Date: May 18, 2017

Deadline: Jun 16, 2017


Policies and laws, working hours and conditions - set to bring equality to our everyday lives. Many feel that gender discrimination has been addressed. But still much of the work of the everyday women is taken for granted, passing unnoticed, unrecognized and unsung. Equality between the genders is not about ‘pink and pretty’ but about social values and validation. When the heroine is bold and determined - society tends to shun and criticize - here we praise and thank.     We invite you, the creative photographer, to grab your camera, to find and record the lives of the everyday heroines, to be their voice. To record those women who have influenced your life. They may be a source of inspiration or of aspiration, of learning or just comfort knowing they are there. Go capture images of your everyday heroine - mothers, grandmothers, the nurse from your village, the teacher from your school, the social care worker, the lollipop lady  - whoever and wherever they may be.   Let us not forget the many women who work in the emergency and military services ~ the Metropolitan, City and British Transport Police Service serving London so gallantly, the women of all of our provincial Emergency service provider and of course the NHS -  our doctors and nurses.   And then there are the staff you don’t see, the women working behind the scenes - without whom the front line would not function. It is the effort of all those brave women that come to our rescue putting their own lives at risk, tirelessly, day in and out. They too are the unsung heroines who give so much to local communities - often at great expense to themselves and at great sacrifice to their lives.

So, who will be your heroine?

This photography award challenges the stereotype of the everyday woman and urges you to revaluate how we perceive ‘the everyday heroine’. Bring us photographs to illuminate the forgotten women - often viewed as inferior - yet so often undertaking the most important tasks as guardians of the fabric of our society. All photographic submissions will  be published on our social media platforms.  

The Award is open to photographers both professional and amatuer, of all nationalities worldwide. The selected artwork will be showcased at a central London location. The Everyday Heroine exhibition will tell the story of ordinary women who perform extraordinary jobs.


The Award is open to photographers of all nationalities worldwide. Only one entry per person. Illegible or incomplete entries will not be accepted. Please note that proof of transmission will not be accepted as proof of receipt.


Anne Williams

Creative Director, PhotoLab, London College of Communication

Brandei Estes

Head of Photographs Department, Sotheby's

Carola Syz

Carola Syz Projects 

Francesca Filippini Pinto

General Manager, Christie's South Kensington

Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS

The Royal Photographic Society Past-President  

Vilma Nikolaidou

Head of Development, Engagement, Culture, Tate Gallery

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