The Entrepreneurship for Good International Program 2017, Brazil

Publish Date: Oct 25, 2016

Deadline: Nov 27, 2016

About the program

The Apprenticeship Challenge is an edition of our Entrepreneurship for Good Program. With its learning-by-doing approach, this program gives you the opportunity to learn innovation and implementation skills by working on a real-life innovation Challenge (here: The Apprenticeship Challenge) during 10 weeks in campus, in this case in Sinal do Vale (50 kilometers from the center of Rio de Janeiro). During the second phase of the program, you’ll go back home to launch your venture with support from your DO School mentors and peers.

So how does the Entrepreneurship for Good Program work?

Incubation Phase

The first Phase of the Program lasts 10 weeks and takes place in Sinal do Vale, a unique biodiversity space in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil outside Rio de Janeiro. You and 19 Fellows from all over the globe will attend the following courses:

Challenge Lab: You’ll be co-creating a hands-on result for the Apprenticeship Challenge while learning and applying the DO School Method.
Venture Lab: Using the DO School Method, you’ll refine your venture idea and get it ready for implementation.
Media Lab: You’ll learn storytelling skills to generate support and publicity for your idea.

For more details, please download our Courses Description PDF below.

Implementation Phase

Over the course of the next 10 months, you’ll be implementing your venture in your home country – using the skills you learnt in the Incubation Phase. Thanks to the DO School’s online platform, you’ll be able to get advice and feedback from your mentors, the DO School program team and your peers. In addition, you can pick up and share new skills along the way.

The Challenge

Westerwelle Foundation, Sinal do Vale and the DO School challenge you to develop innovative ways to promote apprenticeships or vocational training to reduce global youth unemployment and create a sustainable future. The solution that you will co-create with the other 19 Fellows during the Challenge Lab should help enable local businesses to train young people on the job, focusing on the importance of continuous skill-based training. The project should be scalable and adaptable to any country.

Why does it matter?

Global youth unemployment and the education-to-employment gap are two facets of one of the most pressing problems of our time. In light of the high unemployment rates among university graduates, it is clear that secondary and tertiary education models alone cannot provide the answer. Add to this the fact that the half-life of many professional skills is 2.5 – 5 years and it becomes clear that we need a new skill-based model for continuous on-the-job learning, for example apprenticeships, which in countries like Germany have proven themselves to be effective drivers of employability. Take for example the innovation in new skills and job profiles created in the field of the green economy. We believe that an individual economic perspective is highly relevant for a solid democratic development on the long term.

This Apprenticeship Challenge is right for you if:

1) You have an idea for a social impact venture and are ready to commit 10 demanding, high-energy weeks in Brazil to work on the Challenge and develop your venture further, and also want to dedicate the following 10 months at home to bringing your idea to life.

2) You have proven skills and expertise in the following areas and would love to contribute these so as to create an actionable and amazing Challenge result: Education and training, HR, project management, international development, sustainability, etc. Or you might have other skills or expertise that you believe will bring a unique and fresh perspective to the solution of the Challenge.

3) Your knowledge of English is good enough to participate in a program entirely conducted in English.

We offer inclusive educational opportunities for talented young adults regardless of their socioeconomic or educational background. If you feel that you have the right skills and motivation, and a venture which might be either in planning phase, an emerging start-up or a growing organization, we encourage you to apply no matter whether you are a university student, a graduate or have no higher education at all.

Application process

Applications will be reviewed by the DO School Admissions Team after the end of each selection period. Please complete your application through our online application plaftorm by the next selection deadline. Also please note that once all places are filled, the application process will close and there will not be any other selection period. Before you begin your application, you may want to read the application FAQs at the bottom of this page.

  • Step 1

Create a user account. You will receive an email with a link. Click on that link to activate your account. If you do not receive this email within a few minutes, please check your spam folder.

  • Step 2

Complete all three required parts of the DO School’s online application form. You will be asked to fill in personal information, answer application questions, and agree to the conditions of application. To save your work and return to it at another time, click the “save” button. If you require financial assistance, please fill in the financial aid form. Also please note that if you are not legally of age in your home country at the time of application, you will have to supply a permission signed by a parent or legal guardian.

  • Step 3

Submit your application. Once the status of all three parts is complete, you can click the “Submit Your Application” button. Please note that you cannot make any changes to your application after your submission. No late submissions will be accepted. Successful submission will be confirmed by a screen saying: “Your application has been submitted”.

  • After you apply

We will be in touch with you via email shortly after the selection deadline. If your application passes the first selection round, you will be invited for a Skype interview for the second round. All applicants will be notified, whether successful or not.

Tuition fee

Admission is based on merit alone with a contribution of EUR 1,000 to the tuition fee. You may be eligible for financial aid if you are unable to make this contribution. For more information please download the financial aid PDF.

Financial Aid

Accommodation and most meals will be provided in Sinal Do Vale for the 10-week Incubation Phase. However, you are responsible for organizing and paying for your own travel to and from the Campus. You are also responsible for arranging and paying for your visa (if needed) as well as health and accident insurance.

The Challengers

The Westerwelle Foundation for International Understanding was established by Dr Guido Westerwelle, former German Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Ralph Dommermuth, CEO and Founder of United Internet AG. Based on its firm belief in the correlation of economic success and democratic participation, the Foundation wants to enable young adults to realize their potential and to gain economic independence. Therefore, the Foundation engages in the promotion of entrepreneurship and vocational training.

Sinal do Vale is a vibrant living laboratory for the transition to a resilient future and a 400-acre campus in nature where emerging leaders can learn, teach and evolve their inner and outer skills as change-makers. Nestled in the richly biodiverse and highly threatened Atlantic Rainforest, just 50 km outside of Rio de Janeiro, SINAL is home to an organic farm, a reforestation and community resilience project, and an event, education and retreat center. SINAL serves as a host and catalyst for people, ideas and place-based projects determined to make a difference in complex, changing times.

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