The Émigré Memorial German Internship Program, Germany

Publish Date: Aug 18, 2016

Deadline: Oct 01, 2016


The Émigré Memorial German Internship Program–German State Parliaments (EMGIP) is a fellowship program that provides U.S. and Canadian students with internships at a German state parliament (Landtag).

Internships afford students an excellent opportunity to gain government work experience, improve their advanced German language skills, and learn about German culture firsthand.

This professional opportunity overseas is ideal for students planning on pursuing careers at a regional level of government in the United States or Canada, or who have an interest in a specific policy issue such as the environment, education, or healthcare.

EMGIP runs three times a year—fall, spring, and early summer—for one to three months, depending on elections, holiday schedules and state offices’ preferences.

Program Benefits

  • Monthly stipends to ensure a total monthly salary of EUR 670 for U.S. citizens
    (or EUR 400 if free housing is provided)
  • One- to three-month internship in a German Landtag in target internship field
  • Health insurance (at an additional cost of $55 per month)
  • Pre-departure orientation mailing
  • Housing assistance
  • Work authorization services
  • Support throughout the program in Germany and the United States
  • Re-entry information about marketing your experience abroad in the United States


Candidates for EMGIP must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • U.S. or Canadian citizen
  • Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at accredited U.S. or Canadian colleges and universities before, during and after the program may apply.
  • 18–30 years of age
  • High-intermediate German skills (oral & written). Candidates must be able and willing to communicate in German and possess good command of professional vocabulary in field.
  • Minimum of two years of university level studies in a field related to one of the following: international relations, public administration, political science, law, economics, European studies with emphasis on Germany, German or German studies, with a minor in one of the fields listed
  • Some relevant work experience (e.g. internship, volunteer work, summer job). It is important that a candidate knows how to adjust to a professional environment and how to use theoretical skills in the workplace.

Application Deadlines

October 1, 2016 for Spring 2017
December 1, 2016 for early Summer 2017
March 31, 2017 for Fall 2017

Program Details

This page contains detailed information on Cultural Vistas' Émigré Memorial German Internship Program–German State Parliaments (EMGIP) concerning important topics, such as the placement process, housing, and compensation; however, please make sure to read the program overview, eligibility requirements, and fees section first.

Placement Process

Once an applicant has been accepted to the program, Cultural Vistas will search for the right internship position for that individual with a German state parliament or a state ministry. While some placements are found quickly, the placement process may take a few months. German office culture typically includes more vacation time, more sick leave, and complicated hierarchies, and may lead to an extensive decision-making process. Participants can help by being proactive. They should update their materials as required, follow up with suggested contacts immediately, and always keep Cultural Vistas informed on everything internship-related.


Participants will receive regular email updates on German issues, as well as updates on the internship placement process. It is crucial for the success of the placement process that participants check their email frequently and respond to emails as soon as possible. Participants must inform Cultural Vistas immediately of any changes in their contact information or travel dates.


Several weeks prior to the start of the program, participants will receive a pre-departure orientation mailing covering details related to the program. Topics will include important program dates, what to bring, travel tips, an introduction to the German workplace and many other important topics related to the participant’s stay in Germany.

Internship Positions

Tasks for interns are as diverse as the placements and the participants. Some state offices expect interns to work independently, while others prefer to supervise their work closely. Though it will be the participant’s responsibility to negotiate their direct, everyday work conditions, Cultural Vistas will try to assist whenever possible. The participant’s Lebenslauf will be sent to several placement possibilities at various Landtage. Some may choose to contact the participant directly to conduct an interview, most likely in German, before offering that individual an internship position. Participants should always keep Cultural Vistas informed of all communication! We expect participants to be open-minded and consider every offer carefully, as they are competing with hundreds of native Germans for these prestigious internship opportunities. Besides gaining professional experience and learning about the government from the inside out, the participants will also experience German culture, and dramatically improve their language skills.

Start Date and Duration

EMGIP is an individualized program. The start date and duration of the program will depend on the office preferences, the participant's schedule, and the session periods of the state parliaments, which differ slightly from state to state. Internships will range from one to three months.


Each American participant will receive a stipend to ensure a total salary of EUR 670 per month (provided by the Cultural Vistas Scholarship Fund and/or the Landtag) to help offset the cost of living during the internship. This will cover basic expenses such as housing, local transportation, and food. In some cases free housing is provided, in which case the participant will receive up to EUR 400/month. Canadian participants may receive stipends and/ or housing from the Landtag where they intern, though this cannot be guaranteed. The participant should be able to provide additional funds for travel expenses, emergencies, and incidentals.

Health Insurance

To ensure that all participants are covered throughout the duration of their internship, Cultural Vistas requires that all participants purchase our HTH Insurance policy (currently $55 per month). Students who are required to purchase equivalent international health insurance from their university will be exempt, but must provide proof of insurance enrollment and a letter from the university confirming coverage.

University of Michigan students are exempt from this requirement as they will need to enroll in HTH insurance through the university.


Many participants know where they will be staying before the program starts. Please note, however, that it is ultimately your responsibility to secure housing during your internship. Finding housing in a foreign country is certainly a challenge; however, we consider it an important part of the internship experience. Most Landtage will help if you tell them that you need assistance. If the Landtag is unable to assist you, please contact Cultural Vistas immediately. We will try to help you whenever possible. Remember: if you don’t tell us that you are experiencing problems with finding housing, we cannot do anything for you! Please note that you might need to confirm housing arrangements personally or sign a contract. Cultural Vistas and/or its partner organization cannot be responsible for housing arrangements that fall through due to a participant’s failure to follow through.


Participants must bear all travel costs. All travel arrangements and expenses within Germany are the responsibility of the participant. While we understand that you want to see as much as possible during your time in Europe, please note that this is not a work/ travel program. Participants are expected to spend the entire duration of their program completing their internship. Weekend trips to learn more about Germany and the German culture are of course encouraged.

Other Costs

Participants are responsible for all costs incurred in-country, including costs related to securing housing, taxes, and residency permit fees, which vary by city.

Services and Fees

Cultural Vistas provides personalized support to participants from the time of application, throughout the program in Germany, and after returning home. As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to remaining an affordable option for students and young professionals looking to enhance their careers while living abroad.

Cultural Vistas' EMGIP program offers:

  • Application process assistance including help drafting a Lebenslauf (German resume)
  • Internship placement in a German Landtag
  • Pre-departure information mailing
  • Monthly stipends via the Cultural Vistas Scholarship Fund and/or the Landtag to ensure a total monthly salary of EUR 670 for U.S. citizens (or EUR 400 if free housing is provided)
  • Health insurance (at an additional cost of $55 per month)
  • Work authorization services
  • Housing assistance
  • Support throughout the program in Germany and the United States
  • Re-entry information about marketing work experience abroad in the United States

The program fee for EMGIP is $675, which includes a non-refundable $75 application fee. Applications are reviewed only after the application fee has been received.

Please note that monthly stipends for Canadian citizens are dependent upon the host Landtag and cannot be guaranteed.

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