The Burroughs Wellcome Fund's Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tropical Infectious Diseases 2016

Publish Date: Jul 08, 2016

Deadline: Aug 03, 2016

About fund

Established in 1999, the Burroughs Wellcome Fund/ASTMH Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tropical Infectious Diseases supports career development of physician-scientists focused on infectious diseases of low and low-middle income countries. This unique fellowship provides funding for individuals to conduct research in tropical infectious diseases (and, on occasion, other clinical conditions unique to tropical medicine). It is designed to stimulate or sustain interest in research in tropical infectious diseases by individuals who are planning academic career paths focused on clinical research in order to build a long-term academic presence for our field in the U.S. and Canada.


Open to individuals from U.S. or Canadian institutions who have a medical degree and with an academic appointment of fellow who are proposing to perform research in tropical infectious diseases. In addition to postdoctoral infectious disease fellows, applicants who have completed training in other clinical specialties relevant to tropical medicine (e.g., internal medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN) are encouraged to apply. The fellowship is NOT intended for students, pre-doctoral candidates, veterinarians, nurses, PhD scientists seeking post-doctoral opportunities, or faculty-level applicants. In addition, it is NOT intended to provide funding for overseas clinical electives or experiences.

Particular consideration will be given to:

  • North American clinician-scientists enrolled in (or accepted by) a fellowship program approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and those accredited through the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
  • Applicants seeking support for their third (research) year of fellowship training
  • ASTMH post-doctoral student members

A minimum of three months of each funded year must be spent conducting research overseas. Applicants working toward board eligibility must obtain approval from their fellowship program director before applying for this award. If the period covered by this award is to be considered toward board eligibility, the recipient must have a continuity clinic at the overseas site (and the program director must notify the ACGME concerning the integration of this clinic into their fellowship program).

Application evaluation criteria

  • Potential of this fellowship to influence the candidate’s career.
  • Excellence and promise of the proposed candidate and her/his work.
  • Relevance of the proposed work to the amelioration of important tropical/geographic infectious diseases.
  • Excellence and experience of home and overseas mentors.
  • Adequacy of field populations/laboratory/epidemiologic facilities for the proposed work.
  • Institutional commitment from the domestic and overseas institutions.
  • Duration of three months at overseas site.


  • The Fellowship consists of two years of support at $65,000 US per year to cover travel, stipend, fringe benefits, health insurance and capacity development at the overseas site.
  • The Fellowship does not allow for indirect costs.
  • Funds for Year One of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund/ASTMH Fellowship will be distributed to the applicant’s home institution. Subsequent allocation of funds for Year Two for qualifing fellowship recipients will be the responsibility of the applicant’s home institution.

Funding is available for two 12-month periods:

Year One

The award for Year One will be made during the fellowship (generally the final year). During Year One of the Fellowship, the recipient should commit at least 80% of his/her time to research and spend three months working in a tropical or developing area. The three months time period does not need to be continuous.

Year Two

The award for Year Two will be made once the recipient has entered a stable, entry-level faculty position. Year Two carries the same requirements as Year One: commit at least 80% of his/her time to research and spend three months working in a tropical or developing area. The three months time period does not need to be continuous.

Application materials

Applicants are encouraged to gather all application materials prior to online submission. Although it is possible to edit the application prior to the August 3 deadline, the submission process will be smoother and more efficient if the complete application packet is completed in one session. Application must include:

  • Date/place of birth/citizenship/visa status 
  • Education – schools, dates and degrees earned (2,500 characters) 
  • Residency, if applicable – include department and dates (2,500 characters)
  • Post-doctoral fellowships, if applicable – include department and dates (2,500 characters)
  • Other training (2,500 characters) 
  • Chronological listing of employment experience and honors (2,500 characters)
  • Titles, authors and complete references to all publications (2,500 characters)

Applicant letter (3,000 character limit) Include in the applicant letter:

  • Description of how the Burroughs Wellcome Fund/ASTMH Fellowship will enhance career development in tropical medicine.
  • Summary of research project to be undertaken for the fellowship period.
  • Personal career goals and how this project fits into those goals.
  • Project start date and end date.

Research proposal (8 pages maximum)

  • Background, rationale, and specific aims (1-2 pages)
  • Indicate how the project supports the mission and goals of ASTMH
  • Indicate how the project will advance the candidate’s academic career
  • Research strategy (3-5 pages)
  • Research design – Describe the work that will be done in the overseas site, and explain why it needs to be done abroad (as opposed to domestic setting)
  • Data interpretation
  • Expected outcomes
  • Feasibility
  • Potential problems/alternative strategies
  • Timeline
  • Mentorship, career development and future directions 
  • References

Home institution sponsor/mentor letter, CV and approval documentation

This letter should include:

  • Details of the applicant’s proposed role on the research project, specifically stating that the overseas sponsor has reviewed the proposed project and the qualifications of the candidate
  • Confirmation that the project is feasible, important and practical in the time period allotted
  • Confirmation that the sponsor, working closely with the home institution’s sponsor/mentor, will be responsible for in-country oversight of the candidate
  • Detailed information regarding the overseas location, resources available (staff and facilities), duration of applicant’s stay and plans for onsite mentoring Upload the following documents with the overseas sponsor/mentor letter:
  • Overseas institution sponsor/mentor curriculum vitae
  • Documentation of appropriate in-country Institutional Review Board approval for the research project

Program director letter (2 pages maximum)

This letter should include:

  • Documentation of the applicant’s enrollment in a fellowship program.
  • Confirmation that this fellowship will fund research that is part of the institution’s fellowship program.
  • The letter should clearly state whether the time period funded by this award would count toward Board Eligibility. If so, then the program director must notify the Executive Director, Residency Review Committee for Internal Medicine, ACGME, 515 N. State St., Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60610: (1) that a weekly continuity clinic has been established at the overseas site, (2) how this clinic integrates into the home fellowship program. The letter should detail hours, location, patient population, clinical oversight, mentoring, etc. It is the responsibility of the candidate and program director to assure that ACGME requirements are met.
  • Upload a copy of the letter to the ACGME with this program director letter. A copy of any subsequent pertinent correspondence between the ACGME and program director will be required before funds are distributed.

Institutional review board approval

  • If research involves human or animal subjects, include a copy of current approval letters (or documentation that such approval is in process or will be sought) from both home and overseas sites.
  • Funds will be disbursed in advance of IRB approval, when necessary, with the understanding that research will not be undertaken without documentation of IRB approval from both locations, if required.


Total funds available: $65,000 US for Year One of fellowship; $65,000 US for Year Two of fellowship

  • Budget should indicate funds for stipend, fringe benefits, health insurance, supplies, communications, travel expenses and capacity development at the overseas site.
  • Indirect costs are not allowed.
  • A detailed budget statement of how funds were used will be due 30 days after completion of each fellowship year.

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