Technische Universität München Postdoc Mobility Travel Grant, Germany

Publish Date: Apr 10, 2015

Deadline: Apr 30, 2015

We invite you to apply for our Research Opportunities Week and experience life at Technische Universität München (TUM) – up close and personal. Twice a year, we select 50 early career scientists from around the world to take part in this unique program – which we fund in full. We then offer the mostpromising talents a TUM University Foundation Fellowship to carry out research as postdocs at TUM.

Postdoc Mobility Travel Grant

Experience research at Technische Universität München (TUM) up close and personal during ourResearch Opportunities Week (Oct. 26-30, 2015). You will have the chance to meet exceptional academics, explore the research facilities at TUM, and talk to experts in your field. Twice a year we select 50 postdocs from around the world to take part in this unique program which we finance in full through the Postdoc Mobility Travel Grant. We then offer the most promising talents a TUM University Foundation Fellowship to carry out research at TUM.

The application period for the upcoming Research Opportunities Week is open through to April 30, 2015 11:59 PM (CET).

You may apply for a fully financed travel grant if you:

  • have completed a PhD in one of the research fields listed on TUM Faculties, TUM Clusters of Excellence, TUM Integrative Research Centers, or TUM International School of Science and Engineering within the last 3 years (counting from the month of the Research Opportunities Week) at an institution other than TUM (i.e. if you have done your PhD at TUM, you are not eligible to apply)
  • have submitted your PhD thesis at an institution other than TUM (for your application you will need a certificate proving this)
  • are going to submit your PhD thesis within the next 12 months (for your application you will need a statement from your supervisor confirming this)
  • are not currently living in Germany (applicants of German nationality or those who have previously lived in Germany are still welcome to apply, provided that they are applying from abroad)


For your application, please be prepared to provide the following required documents in ONE pdf file (max 20MB) in the order below:

  • Letter of Motivation (max. 1 page)
    Please describe your motivation for getting to know TUM. Please keep in mind that your letter of motivation is essential for the evaluation of your application. You are therefore asked to describe your professional aims as precisely as possible as well as your reasons for a postdoc at TUM. Additionally, please be sure to mention the professors(s) at TUM with whom you are interested in working.

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Track Record
    Provide a list of publications or works in progress. Please highlight the most important three papers with an asterisk. To your track record you may add awards, conference contributions (presentations, speeches, courses, poster sessions, workshops), patents, etc.

  • Copy of your best paper
    Provide a copy of your best article, conference paper, or something similar.

  • PhD Certificate/Proof of PhD Submission/Statement from Supervisor (that PhD will be completed within the next 12 months)

  • Reference/Letter of Support 
    Please provide a letter of reference from your current supervisor or a former supervisor. If your supervisor would prefer to keep the letter confidential, please have him/her send it to us at

  • Letter of Support from a TUM professor (optional)
    If you have already been in contact with a TUM professor who would be interested in hosting you, you can add a letter of support from him/her. If, however, you have not yet been in contact with a TUM professor, please do not write to one asking for a letter of support. The letter is intended to demonstrate a relationship which has already been established and should be from someone who has a well-grounded insight into your research experience. This portion of the application is optional, so if you have not already been acquainted with a TUM professor, you need not worry.

Additionally, you will be asked to list at least one TUM professor with whom you would be interested in meeting in order to discuss a potential project. Please note that if you do not provide the name of at least one TUM professor, your application will not be considered. You can use the following websites to help you find professors who fit your research profile: TUM FacultiesTUM Clusters of Excellence, TUM Integrative Research CentersTUM International School of Science and Engineering, or TUM Professors. Please note that you do not need to inform the TUM professor that you are listing them in your application

The TUM Talent Factory manages the online application website. If you need assistance (e.g. uploading documents, reference/letter of support), please send an email to

Please be aware, that once you have started to upload your file, you should continue till you submit your application. There is no possibility to save your application and continue in another session later on.

The application is open now!

Please note:

When your application is successfully uploaded, you will get an email confirmation from

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