Summer Hacking Camp, 3 – 9 August 2015, Slovenia

Publish Date: Jun 17, 2015

Deadline: Jun 18, 2015

Event Dates: from Aug 03, 2015 12:00 to Aug 09, 2015 12:00

PIF camp is a temporary nomad maker-base set in Slovenian nature, where art, technology and knowledge meet. During hands-on workshops, presentations, field trips, laboratory research and with the help from experienced local and international guests from different fields, the participants will actively take part in exploration and representation of climate, economic, ecological, technological, social, political, cultural, artistic and geopolitical changes and tensions of past, present and future Europe. In DIY, DIWO and DITO manner!

The participants of the camp will take the leading part in holding workshops, practical field trips, theoretical lectures and on-sight briefings. PIFcamp will focus on knowledge transfer within practices and tools, such as bio-hacking, citizen science and open source hardware and software.

PIFcamp is a part of Changing Weathers project, initiated by the Arctic Perspective Initiative (API) and coordinated byZavod Projekt Atol (SI) in partnership with Sonic Acts (NL),RIX-C (LV), Finnish Bioart Society (FI), Hilde Methi (NO),Time’s Up (AT) and Ljudmila (SI).

Hacking HyperREality

The topic of the summer camp is derived from the concept of “hyper-reality”, which was introduced by the French post-structuralist thinker Jean Baudrillard. To paraphrase Wikipedia – “hyper-reality” is the inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality, which rings especially true for technologically advanced postmodern societies, and is nowadays strongly aligned with the exponential growth of new technologies, virtual life, internet and mass media. But do let this theoretical background deceive you, we will think about hyper-reality as a hackable object, an obsolete device, a way of living, thinking or personal relationships, which can be “hacked” and therefore reshaped through a creative and innovative process. As an old electronic toy can be bent, in the same way the meaning of the modern virtual omnipresence will be reshaped.

Hacking hyper-reality is a deviation from this fast-forward virtual evolution we all partake in, and a place for rethinking the obvious and rediscovering the world as it really is.

Date and location

The very first PIFcamp will take place from the 3rd till the 9th of August in the picturesque village named Soča, which is situated in Trenta valley. As a part of the Triglav National Park the location offers a perfect natural gate-away from the virtual routines of everyday modern life. As it happens, in 2015 we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Isonzo Front (aka Soška Fronta), the biggest series of battles on Slovene territory, which took place during WWI across the Soča valley. Therefore, along with the endless natural possibilities that Trenta provides, historical fortifications, bunkers and yet undiscovered trails of the past will be at hand.

How to apply?

How and why do you want to participate is up to you. There are only 2 rules – you have to work with others and –projects and you are encouraged to share the objects developed during the camp with the global community (open hardware and open software, CC, open source). But to help you out – we are looking for hackers, makers, DIY enthusiasts, scientists, thinkers, programmers, noise freaks, new media artists, researchers, obsolete and new technology geeks, bio-artists, engineers, circuit benders, nature lovers and down-to-earth space explorers eager to work with each other for a better tomorrow.

You can apply with a project, idea or just out of curiosity. During the 5-day intensive workshop programme we will form several working-groups, including some on the topics, which have already been confirmed by the international participants Lynne Brunning (wearables), Dr. Marc Dusseiller(bio-hacking), Peter Edwards (DIY electronics) and Luka Frelih (computer arts and free-software).

* * *
If you want to participate at the 1st PIFcamp please send the following information (in Slovene or English) UNTIL JUNE 18th 2015:

1. A short personal biography.

2. A short project proposal or an idea you want to develop during PIFcamp. If possible, also include an approximate list of materials you’ll need to develop it. OR, if you don’t have an idea, but are eager to participate, describe what your interests/skills are (i.e. you want to present your own project, help with the video, photo and project’s documentation, … ). OR, perhaps you want to join one of the proposed topics (wearables, bio-hacking, DIY electronics, computer arts). If so, let us know which.

3. A very short statement on why you want to participate.

* * *
Keep in mind that only 5 days are for hacking! On Saturday we will host an open event for the public full of all-day hands-on activities and project presentations, and Sunday is for the final touch!

EARLY BIRD participation fee per person is 50€, which covers food, shared accommodation (for 6 nights) and materials. Note that the number of participants is limited! In case we receive more applications than we can host, we will try to provide additional accommodation for those most eager to join (cost of the participation may change).

Keep checking the PIFcamp blog for updates on confirmed participants and juicy program details!

The main output of the camp will be presented as an online database of fine hacks and tutorials on how to make the “hyper-reality” we are living in more tangible.

For questions and additional information please contactpif

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