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Training Period

The training period will be ten weeks in duration from May 23, 2016 to July 29, 2016.


During the first week of the program, one or two daily seminars or lectures will be scheduled. Each presentation will be devoted to a report of research in progress or to a topic related to work in which the students are engaged. These sessions will be presented by the staff and will be geared to the level of understanding of the fellows. Attendance is mandatory, and questions are encouraged. Seminars may be followed by an open discussion about the program as a whole or a general discussion about career opportunities in the biosciences and how best to pursue a research or teaching career. A weekly journal club will be held and involve the discussion of a paper presented by one of the summer fellows who will chose and prepare the article under the advisement of his/her mentor. MMRL hosts visiting scientists from throughout the world. Fellows are invited to attend these seminars and participate in the question and answers sessions that follow. In addition, fellows may be offered the opportunity to attend seminars at surrounding educational institutions.


Each fellow’s progress will be continuously monitored by his/her immediate preceptor through daily interaction, and by the Program Director and other preceptors through the student’s participation and feedback at the weekly journal clubs. Each fellow will also be required to make an oral presentation at the end of the program to the other students, staff and their respective sponsors.


After completion of the program, students will have gained a sense of how research studies are carried out in a range of fields that deal with current concerns in medical science. They will have at their disposal knowledge and experience in physiological, biochemical and pharmacological methodologies and a sense of the state of the art in each area. More importantly, they will be better prepared to make important career decisions.