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Singapore Fringe International Art Festival 2018 - Let's Walk


March 03, 2017

Opportunity Cover Image - Singapore Fringe International Art Festival 2018 - Let's Walk

About the festival

Let's Walk is the first in a series of Fringe instalments themed around iconic Singaporean artists and their signature works. Each year we will nominate an artist and a selected work, and invite artists from a range of disciplines from Singapore and around the world to respond to them with their own new or existing works. Through the borrowing of their work, we aim to honour the artist and recognise and build on the lasting universal significance and resonance of his or her work.

The 2018 theme Let's Walk comes from the title of a series of striking street performances by eminent Singaporean contemporary artist, Amanda Heng.

For Fringe 2018, we invite you to consider this culturally significant work by one of our most important artists. Amanda began this series in 1999 and performed the work in Singapore, Japan, France, Poland, Indonesia, Sweden and Spain.

Amanda Heng has worked in a range of mediums, and perhaps her most notable works such as Let's Walk are so immediately engaging and participatory. While charmingly simple in form, they are arresting and deeply effective in drawing much needed attention to some of the most important social concerns of our times.

Let's Walk is one of a series of walking performances that she has created over the years. The walks are designed and carried out with spectacular simplicity and intimacy, managing to carry both the potent provocation of a protest, and the peaceful contemplation of a walking meditation. From the title itself, Amanda clearly signals her invitation to engage, connect, collaborate and move forward.

Let's Walk invited us all to think about the beauty business, and the lack of progress for women in society. In her performance, she invited members of the public to join her in walking backwards along the streets with high-heeled shoes in their mouths, while trying to guide themselves with handheld mirrors.

Amanda created the work in response to a range of worrying trends she was concerned about in the late 1990s, and are still concerns to this day. In 1997, Asia had been hit hard with a financial crisis. Many people lost their jobs and businesses, but women seemed to be the first to get retrenched.

Curiously and disturbingly, the beauty business did especially well at this time, as women were pressured to look better than their natural best. In Amanda's own words, "A lot of Singaporean women were 'upgrading' themselves, going to beauty salons, having plastic surgery and so on to keep their jobs. A woman's looks are still worth more than her abilities."

So in tribute to Amanda's work, to this work in particular, and to the many important ideas and questions it evokes, we invite you to propose your own works, to build on the provocations in Let's Walk.

We are looking for progressive works that voice the concerns of today. Whether you are exploring themes of gender, beauty, inequality, injustice, economics, or all of the above, and more. And in whatever form or discipline you practise.

Look out for a range of stimuli that we will be sharing to get you more acquainted with Amanda and with this work—photos, videos, and other archival materials and start getting your proposals ready, whether they are existing or new works, that can build on the spirit of concern and creation inherent in Amanda Heng's Let's Walk.

Call for Applications

The theme for M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018 is Let’s Walk. We are looking for works in all disciplines that will fall within that theme.

We accept applications from professional Singapore and international artists/ companies. The programme for 2017 is listed on our website. It will provide you with some insight into the programmes, venues and workings of the festival.

You will find the application form for M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018 containing information about the curatorial brief and allocation of responsibilities in the following pages. 

Please initial at the bottom of each page of the application to indicate your understanding of the terms and conditions set out.

You are required to submit your full application by both post and email by Friday 3 March 2017, 5pm Singapore time.

Late/ incomplete applications will not be entertained, and all submitted materials are non-returnable.

Please read all pages carefully before submitting your application, and ensure that all questions have been answered. Applications must be completed in English.

If you have any queries, please contact us at  

Successful applicants of the first round of shortlisting will be informed of the programming decision by 1 June 2017.

For more information click "Further official information" below.

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Host Country
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March 01, 2017


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