Scholarships for International Researchers, Max Planck Institute, Germany

Publish Date: Nov 11, 2015

Deadline: Feb 15, 2016

Scholarships for International Researchers, Max Planck Institute

Affording international scholars an opportunity to work on their research projects here at the Institute is deemed of particular importance. To this end, a limited number of short-term scholarships (up to a maximum period of four months) are awarded each year. Additionally, the scholarship programme serves to promote personal and institutional contacts with scholars working in the fields of comparative and international private law and thereby continually expand the Institute’s global network.

The research project in question must correspond to the academic interests of the Institute, as only then can it be ensured that scholarship recipients will be able to engage in meaningful academic exchange with other researchers and find relevant literature in our library.

Applicants applying for the current round of scholarship awards are advised that topics presently being researched at the Institute include, in particular, the following:

- Comparative legal methodology
- Partnership law
- Close corporations
- Company valuation law
- Comparative succession law (Europe and other continents)
- International succession law (especially the European Succession Regulation)
- Chinese product liability law - Chinese civil procedure
- Korean family law

Applications are also possible for projects that are thematically related to any of the other focal points of Institute research.

Important Information for Applicants

The Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law offers a limited number of short-term scholarships (up to a maximum period of four months) for foreign legal researchers. The scholarships are funded by the Max Planck Society.

Scholarships are available for:

- Foreign doctoral candidates,
- Foreign post-doctoral candidates and other advanced-stage researchers,
- Foreign professors or other senior researchers of equivalent academic achievement.

Previous scholarship recipients are not excluded from applying for a subsequent grant, even as regards the same research project (e.g. a doctoral thesis). In such cases applicants should describe in their research proposal the progress made on their project since the first scholarship grant.

In order to give the greatest number of researchers the chance to work at the Institute, grants are not as a general rule extended to applicants who have already received two scholarship awards.

Applicants need not be proficient in German. However, if you envision that your intended research will include an inquiry into German law, your research proposal should indicate how you will – as necessary – obtain the desired information from foreign-language sources.

To ensure smooth and effective communication with Institute staff members and other guests, applicants should at a minimum have a strong command of either German or English.

Please take careful note of our application process guidelines. Applications which are incomplete or deviate from the guidelines will not be considered.

The scholarship amounts to

- € 1.365,00 / month (doctoral students)

- € 2.100,00 / month (research scholarship, group 1)

- € 2.300,00 / month (research scholarship, group 2)

- € 3.000,00 / month (research scholarship, group 3)

There are no additional payments for a spouse or for children accompanying the Visiting Scholar.
(Amounts as of September 2015; subject to change)

Travel expenses, other expenses

Costs of travel to and from Hamburg are not included in the grant. The Institute does not reimburse travel expenses. There is also no allowance for or reimbursement of other expenses.

Language proficiency

The required level of German language proficiency primarily depends on the planned research project. In any case, a working knowledge of German (or English and/or French) is expected in order to facilitate integration into the Institute’s community.


Upon request, we can provide a list of budget-priced accommodations and rental agencies offering housing. You are kindly asked to secure your own accommodations. The Institute is not in the position to book your accommodation or to act as your agent.

Health Insurance

Visiting Fellows are not insured by the Max Planck Institute. It is recommended either to extend your current insurance coverage or to acquire special coverage. Special coverage from a German insurer may be acquired upon your arrival at the Institute.

Evidence of sufficient health insurance coverage has to be submitted at the beginning of the scholarship.

Funding by third parties

Any grant or funding you receive from a third party for your research stay at the Institute must be disclosed to the Institute’s administration and will be deducted from the grant of the Max Planck Society.

For further inquiries on the scholarship program, please contact:

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