Richard J Margolis Award 2016, USA

Publish Date: Jun 27, 2016

Deadline: Jul 01, 2016

The Richard J. Margolis Award of Blue Mountain Center combines a one-month residency at Blue Mountain Center with a $5,000 prize. It is awarded annually to a promising new journalist or essayist whose work combines warmth,  humor, wisdom and concern with social justice. The award was established in honor of Richard J. Margolis, a journalist, essayist and poet who gave eloquent voice to the hardships of the rural poor, migrant farm workers, the elderly, Native Americans and others whose voices are seldom heard. He was also the  author of a number of books for children.

Blue Mountain Center is a writers and artists colony in the Adirondacks in Blue Mountain Lake, New York.

How to Apply

Applications should include at least two examples of the your work (published or unpublished, 30 pages maximum) and a short biographical note including a description of your current and anticipated work. Also please indicate what you will work on while attending the Blue Mountain residency. Please send three copies of these writing samples. Samples will not be returneda.

Send applications to:

Richard J. Margolis Award of Blue Mountain Center
c/o Margolis & Bloom
535 Boylston Street, 8th floor
Boston, MA 02116

Writing samples, bio and project description may also be e-mailed as PDF files to

Deadline: July 1, 2016

The award winner will be announced in November.


Donations to the Richard J. Margolis Award qualify for an income, gift and  estate tax charitable deduction as long as they are made payable to the Blue  Mountain Center, a not-for-profit foundation under Section 501(c)(3) of the  Internal Revenue Code.  Donations during life qualify for all these tax  advantages.  In addition, gifts of stock or other highly appreciated property  also avoid tax on any capital gain, since the sale of the securities by a  tax-exempt organization are not subject to tax.  While not qualifying for any  income tax deduction, the advantage of gifts as part of an estate plan are that  the donor continues to have the lifetime use of the funds to be gifted when or if they are ever needed.

Lifetime Gifts

Contributions to the Award fund may be made at any time by sending checks  payable to the "Blue Mountain Center" to:

Richard J. Margolis Award
c/o Margolis & Bloom
535 Boylston Street, 8th floor
Boston, MA 02116

Testamentary Gifts

Gifts may be made as part of an estate plan by using language such as the  following:
"I give $_______ to the Blue Mountain Center, a not-for-profit corporation  located in Blue Mountain Lake, New York, for the purpose of funding the Richard  J. Margolis Award."QuestionsYou may direct any questions about gifts or bequests to the Award fund  to:

Harry S. Margolis
Margolis & Bloom
535 Boylston Street, 8th floor
Boston, MA 02116
Telephone:617/267-9700, x517

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