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Reuters Institute Fellowships, The Journalist Fellowship Programme, University of Oxford, UK

Publish Date: Feb 26, 2022

Each year, the institution selects approximately 30 Journalist Fellows from throughout the world, each of whom brings fascinating experience to the program. Here's what makes this journalism program unique:

  • Participants become a part of a cutting-edge institution that's influencing primary media debates. The Reuters Institute publishes factsheets and reports on the industry's significant challenges.

  • Fellows become a part of an international organization. Fellows in journalism come from all over the world. They offer their thoughts and experiences from working in various nations and mediums.

  • Last but not least, fellows become a part of one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Oxford University has unrivaled study facilities, world-class research institutes, extensive learning assistance, and a worldwide reputation.

Each curriculum component will deepen your appreciation of the difficulties and potential of the present news ecosystem, from a personal study in the University of Oxford's beautiful libraries to casual talks with your worldwide cohort of Journalist Fellows. The program is designed to push you, provide you with a new perspective on your position as a journalist, and provide you with opportunities to share and learn best practices on the problems vital to you.

Fellowships duration 

Fellowships might last three or six months, depending on the available financial resources. They usually start in October, January, or April. Candidates are advised on the days to arrive in Oxford beforehand. You can find the University term dates following the link. (

During the fellowship, participants should avoid any professional activity. The fellowship requires the candidates to be present in the US during the academic year for the whole duration of the fellowship. Participants will be permitted to travel for short periods as long as no scheduled events are missed.

Are fellowships fully funded?

The majority of the journalists on the program are self-funded. Successful applicants will have their costs paid and will receive a £2,000 monthly stipend, covering the cost of housing, food, and other living needs. The program will cover travel to and from the UK and any visa fees.

Furthermore, some Journalist Fellows work for sponsoring organizations with their application procedures and selection criteria. Other sources of funding:


To be considered for one of Oxford's journalist fellowships, you must have at least five years of journalism experience or demonstrate similar expertise in unusual situations. Journalists worldwide, including Africa, North America, Europe, and Latin America, are eligible to apply for these fellowships.

You will be able to understand and participate in English discussions.

Candidates are eligible to apply for a Reuters Institute scholarship if they are a journalist with more than five years of experience working in newsrooms.

The application documentation includes:

  • A one-page project description. What is the project you are going to spend time on? What can you read about if you have some spare time? Who will you approach? 

  • A 150-word overview of the research question your project will investigate.

  • A motivational statement that is only one page long. Why do you wish to work at the Reuters Institute on this project? What makes you think you're ready for a fellowship? What will you do with your project when you return to your workplace after the program.

  • A two-page lesson plan. Describe your professional and educational background. If you'd like, you can include links to your work here. 

  • Two letters of recommendation The applicants should request letters of recommendation for a fellowship from two people who are familiar with their professional experience. The referee's full name, work position, professional connection, and contact information should all be included in these letters. Each reference should be no longer than one page. 

NOTE: You should save all files in .pdf format.

The size limit for all .pdf uploads is 25MB.  

You should submit these documents on the program's online application portal. No incomplete applications will be considered. 

Fellow's first week

You'll dive right in with a series of lectures and debates on some of the most pressing issues in journalism, such as misinformation, trust, sustainability, audience engagement, and press freedom, among others. Dinners, drinks, hikes, and lots of opportunities to meet your colleagues and the people who work at the Institute will all be available to you.

Seminars and conferences

Every week, you'll attend seminars taught by renowned journalists, editors, industry experts, and academics from all over the world. Other academic and industry organizations will host high-level conferences and presentations, which you will attend. You'll have plenty of opportunities to speak with your colleagues and learn about the issues that journalism faces in their nations, as well as what can be done to overcome them.

Events in Oxford

You'll also be able to attend many of Oxford's seminars and lectures on journalism, the media, and broader subjects such as politics, international relations, cultural studies, technology, and more. Check the below sources for better insight into the events you can access during the fellowship. 

  • Oxford University Media Society

  • Lady Margaret Hall

  • Oxford Internet Institute

  • Oxford Union

  • All Oxford University talks

The project

This is not an academic program, but you will spend a significant amount of time working on a meaningful project for you, your newspaper, or the industry as a whole. The program supervisors will provide you with detailed instructions on organizing your project and using the resources available to you.


Journalist Fellows organize a symposium featuring presentations and panel discussions around a particular issue at the end of each term. These debates are based on what they have studied in Oxford and the professional experiences that they are prepared to offer. These public events, which are frequently held in London, are excellent opportunities to boost your profile.

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