Course - Restoring the Human Rights of Rightless. Slavery and Human Trafficking Today, 18 January- 8 February 2017, AUA, Yerevan, Armenia

American University of Armenia (AUA)

Event Date:

January 18, 2017, 17:00 - February 08, 2017, 19:00

Opportunity Cover Image - Course - Restoring the Human Rights of Rightless. Slavery and Human Trafficking Today,  18 January- 8 February 2017, AUA, Yerevan, Armenia

Restoring the human rights of rightless. Slavery and human trafficking today, January 18-February 8, 2017, AUA, Yerevan, Armenia

We live in times when most of the groundbreaking inventions have been made to free people‘s mind and offer opportunities for creative work and prosperity. Our times are also known by the unprecedented  developments in human rights law, providing people with strong protection mechanisms and institutions to support it. Irrespective of these important processes there are more than 21,5 million people today in slavery according to International Labor Organization and this  is still  tip of the iceberg. The phenomena is global and leaves no country immune. In diversity of it’s forms slavery and human trafficking are critical  challenge that modern world faces today. So slavery has not been abolished as it seemed; it transformed from legal economic system to illegal, private criminal system.

This hands-on course provides an exceptional opportunity to gain practical skills and knowledge on different forms of slavery, forced labor, servitude, forced marriages, religious and cultural practices  that are defined as slavery , trafficking in humans that transforms  depending on the market demands.  

The course addresses phenomena from human rights perspective and provides with local and international legal tools, existing institutional bodies and mechanisms, practices and skills to identify, refer and protect. The course is based on practical examples, slides, materials  from more than 40 countries the author conducted work. It provides analyses of social and economic structures as well as discriminatory cultural and religious practices that advance these processes.

Start Date: January 18

End Date: February 8

Duration: 4 weeks, 2 hours per session, 8 hours in total

Schedule: 5PM - 7PM every Wednesday 

  • Wednesday, Jan 18
  • Wednesday, Jan 25        
  • Wednesday, Feb 1
  • Wednesday, Feb 8

Fee: 33,000 for the entire course

Language of instruction: English

About the trainer: Gulnara Shainian is an international expert on slavery, human trafficking and gender. She has been elected as first UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery it’s in 2008 -2014. For her work he has been awarded by the Government s and NGO community. Prior to that has been elected as member of board of trustees on UN Trust Fund on contemporary forms of slavery and chair of UN Expert groups. She has been working as consultant with many international organizations: OSCE, ABA CEELI, UNODC, UNISEF UNDP, EU, COE, IOM. Has numerous publications on child and women’s rights and slavery. Has prepared numerous researches and publications on trafficking.  In 2005 has been elected to act as Deputy President to CATEH , Council of Europe’s  expert body to develop  Europe Convention on actions against trafficking in humans , later was vice President of monitoring body of the Convention , currently serves as expert to GRETA – monitoring body of COE Convention on actions against trafficking in humans. She is founder and chair of NGO “Democracy Today “in Armenia.

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