RED Photography Competition


February 29, 2016


Opportunity Cover Image - RED  Photography Competition

"Inspired by and in tribute to Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski's 1990s' "Three colors" trilogy, PX3 will conduct a three-year, three-color themed competition. The first color and theme will be blue for 2014, second color was white in 2015, and the red is the 2016 theme competition.
Anything Red, we are looking for your red-inspired photographs that include or reference the color red literally and figuratively. Let your imagination run free - We are looking for creative minds to think beyond Normal".


  • RED, Advertising
  • RED, Documentary
  • RED, Fine Art
  • RED, Nature
  • Other RED


One 1st place winner will receive a $1000 cash prize. 1st winners in each 5 categories above will each win $500 cash prize.

Entry Fees

Professional, non-professional and Students
Single Image Entry : $25
Series Entry: $30

Eligible Countries
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Publish Date
February 09, 2016
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