Quest University Canada Scholarships for Canadian and International Students, Canada

Publish Date: Dec 25, 2015

Deadline: Mar 01, 2016

Quest University Canada Scholarships for Canadian and International Students

Scholarships recognize the achievement and contributions students have made to their school and local community, contributions we expect they will continue to make at Quest. All students, regardless of their country of origin, are eligible to apply for scholarships and/or financial aid. All Quest Scholarships are considered entrance awards and cannot be applied for after the March 1 application deadline leading to your first year at Quest.

Scholarship & Financial Aid Application Form [PDF.195 KB] -

How to Apply

Scholarship applications can be submitted at any time before the relevant deadline but will not be reviewed until the deadline. All application materials submitted for admission will be considered during the candidate's scholarship award review.

Students wishing to apply for scholarships must complete the Scholarship Application Form and submit a résumé, along with two recommendation letters. Your résumé should clearly outline your experiences and achievements. This may include employment, volunteer work, gap year projects, awards, hobbies, skills and so on.

We ask that one letter of recommendation be an academic reference, and one be a character reference. We will consider up to a maximum of four letters of recommendation. If students send more it is at the discretion of the admissions committee which four will be considered. Letters must be submitted as PDF files, signed and written on official letterhead, or be sent directly from the person writing them. Letters that do not meet these criteria will not be considered.

Students applying for the David Strangway Award for Excellence must also submit a maximum 300-word personal introduction to the Faculty Selection Committee. All documents must be submitted in a package together before the March 1 deadline.

The Scholarship Review Committee will evaluate each student's application for financial awards (scholarship and/or aid) only once. After an award package has been offered, no other financial awards applications will be accepted.

Scholarship Renewal Policy

Merit-Based Awards/Scholarships and Need-Based Awards/Bursaries may be retained by students for up to nine terms (sufficient time to complete a degree) provided appropriate academic standing, Quest community contributions, and/or financial need are demonstrated.

Students seeking support beyond a ninth term will be required to submit a written appeal to the Vice President, Operations and Development, outlining any special circumstances that merit such consideration.

To maintain scholarship awards, students will be expected to show satisfactory progress towards the completion of their degree. This is defined herein as a GPA in excess of 1.6 in the first semester, 1.8 after the first year, and 2.0 thereafter. Adherence to this standard will ordinarily be assessed once per year for scholarship purposes.

In addition, at the end of each block, the tutor will be asked to assess each student's contributions to, and benefit derived from, attendance at Quest by answering the simple yes or no question: "Was this student an asset to your classroom, contributing positively to the class dynamic, and is this student benefiting from the Quest educational experience?" Students taking eight courses per year will be required to have six tutors declare in the affirmative; students taking six blocks (the minimum for full-time status) will need at least four affirmative declarations.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic performance AND evidence of community service, involvement in co-curricular activities, etc. Those wishing to maintain scholarships at Quest must continue to contribute during their time here.

These contributions can take many forms. In the spring of each year, each student with a scholarship who wishes to have it renewed will be asked to submit a short paragraph outlining his or her contributions to Quest and the community over the past year.

Examples of such contributions* could include:

• showing intellectual leadership and demonstrating academic excellence;

• organizing a major event on campus (a play, a CD launch, etc.);

• organizing several smaller events over the year (lectures, movie screenings, etc.);

• leading and/or participating in a campus improvement project;

• contributing positively to a varsity sports team;

• working in the Student Representative Council;

• volunteering in a community organization in Squamish;

• running a club or other activity group.

*These contributions are simply examples. There will be no formula on which such contributions are judged and we expect that the creativity of our students will expand this list considerably.

Evaluation of each student's contributions and academic performance will be conducted by the scholarship committee each year with input from the relevant community members (coaches, residential staff, student affairs, on-campus employers, etc.).

Both academic and non-academic conduct including assessment of probationary status, residential damage reports, etc. will be included in the deliberations. While a student is away for study abroad, experiential learning, or language immersion programs, the direct community contribution requirements are of course, waived.


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