Public Lecture - Boston Dialect: Accentual and Phraseological Peculiarities, Armenia

Publish Date: Dec 06, 2016

Public Lecture - Boston Dialect: Accentual and Phraseological Peculiarities

Presenter: USA Alumnus Karen Velyan

YSULS Professor Karen Velyan invites you to his lecture entitled «Boston Dialect: Accentual and Phraseological Peculiarities». In the scope of the lecture, K. Velyan will share the outcomes of his linguistic research based on the field work he carried out in Boston.

The event venue: the conference hall in the main building of YSULS named after V. Brusov (2 floor)

The event date: December 9, 3:30 pm.

Lecture Overview

Boston dialect is one of the US dialects that stand out for some phonetic and phraseological distinctive features. Although normally treated as one dialect, it is by no means homogeneous in its nature. In different areas of Boston, native speakers manifest different accentual peculiarities, which are often times driven by such social factors as age and social status.

Karen  Velyan's lecture on Boston dialect is based on his first-hand experience with the native speakers of the dialect during two succeeding years in the area. The lecture starts with socio-historic and cultural background of Boston dialect, supplemented with a brief video recordings. Then, based on the field work, more specifically, numerous interviews with Boston speakers from Boston, the lecturer covers the most typical phonetic and phraseological features of the dialect that are unlikely to be found in the other US dialects.

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