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PSIA Seminar - Police Reforms in Armenia, AUA


Event Date:

September 09, 2015, 16:30 - September 09, 2015, 18:00

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Phone: +374 60 69 40 40
Venue: 113W, Paramaz Avedisian Building

The talk addresses current police reforms in the Republic of Armenia. It is based on research, analyzing these reforms’ origins, assessing their successes and failures, and comparing them with similar reforms in Georgia. Police reforms in Armenia, as in other post-Soviet states, have been highly state- dominated though not completely insulated from civil society.

Although reforms have reduced some forms of graft, improved the technical capacity of the police, and reduced “red tape,” there has been less progress toward improving police accountability to citizens. Also, in contrast to Georgia’s police reform efforts, Armenia’s reforms have relied far less on personnel changes such as the dismissal and replacement of corrupt police officers

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