Presentation on Geopolitical Rivalry Of External Players In Nagorno-Karabakh, CRRC-Armenia

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Opportunity Cover Image - Presentation on Geopolitical Rivalry Of External Players In Nagorno-Karabakh, CRRC-Armenia

Presentation on Geopolitical Rivalry Of External Players In Nagorno-Karabakh

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Caucasus Research Resource Center-Armenia

(CRRC-Armenia office, 1 Alex Manoogian Street, YSU Library building, 6th floor, room 602)

The presentation will be delivered by Lidiya Chikalova (International Fellow, CRRC-Armenia).

Location:             CRRC-Armenia, 1 Alex Manoogian Str., Library bld., 6th Floor, Room 602
Language:           English

Overview: The presentation will address interests of major external players Russia, the USA, Turkey, Europe, and Iran pursuing own interests on the regional geopolitical arena, arguing that Russia is a leading but not primary player anymore in the region that the geopolitical standoff intensifies more between Russia and Turkey than between Russia and the West. The issue is important, as recent geopolitical events have shaken already unstable security situation in the region. The research demonstrates the current outlay of geopolitical interests in the region and identifies the intensity of geopolitical standoffs between Russia and the West, as well as Russia and Turkey.

Short Bio:

Lidiya Chikalova holds a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications from the American University in Central Asia (AUCA). She completed her first MA degree at Saint Petersburg State University in International Journalism and has extensive experience in reporting on political and migration issues in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Russia. She is currently undergoing a second MA program in Politics and Security at the OSCE Academy.

During her first MA, she investigated information warfare between Russia and the USA through a prism of the Syrian conflict. Interned with Beirut-based information agency. Her current focus with CRRC-Armenia is a geopolitical rivalry of external players in Southern Caucasus. Yerevan and Nagorno-Karabakh are grounds for research and data collection. She later joins Stockholm International Peace and Research Institute (SIPRI) for further research of the Southern Caucasus issue.

Before joining CRRC-Armenia, she taught investigative journalism at AUCA and has previously worked in the spheres of public relations, media management, and marketing research. In addition to native Russian, she speaks English, Spanish and Turkmen languages.


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July 29, 2016