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Postgraduate Course - Feminist Critical Analysis: System Failure – Politics of Unlearning and Impossible Imaginaries, 29 May - 2 June 2017, Croatia


February 13, 2017


Event Date:

May 29, 2017, 17:10 - June 02, 2017, 17:10

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Feminist Critical Analysis: System Failure – Politics of Unlearning and Impossible Imaginaries

Feminist theory and queer theory have, in last decades, re-introduced and re-evaluated terms such as vulnerability, failure and affect. These accounts have linked the political with the state of vulnerability and harm, whether psychological, physical or even technological, offering potential starting points for different political imaginary and resistance.

Moving within the space between human and inhuman in queer theory and posthumanist feminist critique, one is invited to deeply re-question present and future political subjectivities, power relations, (non)identitarian positions or politics. In an attempt to further contribute to this growing field of queer and feminist interest, this year’s course in Feminist Critical Analysis seeks interdisciplinary approaches that will examine diverse practices and narratives, drawing from the technology-related or -inspired concepts, requestion the systemic aggregates of knowledge in which we are all embedded, whether we are taking gender, race, class, sexuality or “the human other,” produce system interruptions and develop more workable space for new political imaginations. Accordingly, the notion of politics of unlearning is to be approached only sideways, navigating through vulnerable (dis)attachments (of bodies-missing, sexualities- denounced, races-exhausted, species-broken, and of all sorts of minor political, cultural and economic alliances), tracing the endlines of the production of the subject of knowledge, not from the heart of it.

The 2017 course in Feminist Critical Analysis will encourage active participation and debates that will bring together disciplines from across the humanities, social sciences, art, political theory, cultural studies, philosophy, etc. The main goal of this year’s course is to encourage discussion and debate by focusing on a broad range of technology-inspired issues, including politics, ethics, economics, effects and affects, bringing up various topics that correspond to the overall theme of “system failure”, within the framework of feminist and queer theory. Starting with the figuration of alarming notification of being “at risk”, the course topic puts particular emphasis on the notions of “error” or “failure”, and will derive from these concepts the disruptive and significant critical perspectives on “brokenness”, “loss”, “exhaustion”, “interruption”, “occurrence”, “limit”, “fragility,” “anger,” “sadness” and the like.


The course is built on the intellectual dialogue among a diverse body of scholars from different geographical locations and the participating faculty is drawn from different universities.

The course is co-directed by Professor Dasa Duhacek, University of Belgrade, Professor Ethel Brooks, Rutgers University and Professor Jelisaveta Blagojevic, Singidunum University.

The course will be held at the Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik ( from May 29h to June 2nd 2017.

The program is conducted in English.


IUC courses are conducted at a postgraduate level. Candidates with a graduate degree and/or current postgraduate students interested in the topic may apply for participation.

There is no course fee. However, participants are expected to cover the IUC registration fee (40 EUR), as well as their own expenses of travel and accommodation. Unfortunately, the organizing institutions are not in the position to offer any financial assistance.


A short narrative (up to 250 words) explaining your interest in the topic and your CV with your current complete contact information should be submitted by e-mail.

Final deadline for applications is February 13th, 2017

Please send your applications to the Center for Gender and Politics University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Sciences, at <> with Feminist Critical Analysis, IUC 2017 in the subject line.

For more information click "Further official inFormation" below.

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