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Postdoctoral Fellowships at Princetion University in Humanities, Social Sciences, Selected Natural Sciences 2017, USA

Publish Date: Jul 12, 2017

Deadline: Sep 15, 2017

2018-2021 Fellowship Competition

The Princeton Society of Fellows, an interdisciplinary group of scholars in the humanities, social sciences, and selected natural sciences, invites applications for the 2018-2021 Fellowship competition.

Four three-year Postdoctoral Fellowships will be awarded this year. The stipend for each of the three years of the fellowship will be approximately $86,600. In addition, fellows are provided with a shared office, a personal computer, a research account of $5,000 a year, access to university grants, benefits and other resources. Fellows are expected to reside in or near Princeton during the academic year in order to attend weekly seminars and participate fully in the intellectual life of the Society.

If you have already applied to the Princeton Society of Fellows, you may not apply a second time.

All candidates will be informed of the status of their application by the end of January, 2018. Interviews will take place in early February. The Society will reimburse the cost of travel and lodging associated with the interview. Names of fellowship winners will be posted on the Society of Fellows' website in July 2018.


Four Postdoctoral Fellowships for 2018-2021

Applicants may apply for one or both fellowship(s) pertinent to their research and teaching.

1. Three Open Fellowships in the Humanities and Social Sciences (OPEN)

Open to all disciplines represented in the Society of Fellows (see list in section below). The fellowship’s responsibilities include both teaching (one course each semester for two years, one course in the third year) and research. The Fellow will either participate in a team-taught course or offer a self-designed course, in the host department or in an interdisciplinary Program. In addition, the Fellow normally does some advising in his/her specialty or related areas.

2. One Fellowship in Humanistic Studies (HUM)

This fellowship is sponsored jointly by the Humanities Council and Society of Fellows, and is open to candidates in humanities disciplines represented in the Society of Fellows (see list in section below). The fellowship’s responsibilities include both teaching (one course each semester for two years, one course in the third year) and research. 

In the spring semester of the first two years, the Fellow will join faculty from various fields in the humanities to teach Interdisciplinary Approaches to Western Culture from the Renaissance to the Modern Period. In the fall semester of the first year, the Fellow will offer a self-designed course either in the host department or an interdisciplinary Program. In the fall semester of the second and third years, the Fellow will offer an interdisciplinary undergraduate course in Humanistic Studies. This course might take a more intensive look at materials from “Approaches to Western Culture,” or offer an interdisciplinary approach to the Fellow's own area of humanities expertise. The Fellow will be called upon to lead or contribute to occasional activities designed to build a sense of community among undergraduates in the Humanistic Studies Program—the Program offers local and international field trips, an undergraduate society, workshops and other opportunities.


PhD degree requirements. Please note the Society's dates of degree eligibility. These are firm dates with no exceptions:

a) Applicants already holding the PhD degree at time of application:
You must have received your degree between January 1, 2016 and September 15, 2017.
The receipt of the PhD is determined by the date on which you fulfilled all requirements for the degree at your institution, including the defense and filing of the dissertation. 

You will be asked to upload a document on the application site with evidence of completion of all requirements for the PhD degree (either your formal PhD certificate or a degree confirmation letter from your advisor).  

b) Applicants who are ABD (All But Dissertation) at time of application:
If you will not meet the September 15, 2017, deadline for receipt of PhD but are expected to have fulfilled all conditions for the degree, including defense and filing of dissertation, by June 15, 2018, you may still apply for a postdoctoral fellowship provided you have completed a substantial portion of the dissertation (approximately half). 

You will be asked to upload a letter on the application site confirming your “progress to degree” from either your Department Chair or your Director of Graduate Studies

Please note that ABD candidates who are awarded a fellowship will be asked to provide a document from either the Registrar or Dean of their Graduate School by June 15, 2018, to confirm completion of all requirements for the PhD.

Recipients of doctorates in Education (Ed.D. or PhD degrees), doctorates of Jurisprudence, and candidates for/recipients of PhD degrees from Princeton University are not eligible to apply.

If you have already applied to the Princeton Society of Fellows, you may not apply a second time. We therefore recommend that applicants wait until they have completed a substantial portion of the dissertation (approximately half) before applying.

Priority will be given to applicants who have received no more than one year of research-only funding past the PhD degree.

Fellowships will be awarded to applicants at the beginning of their academic career. Applicants must have already demonstrated outstanding scholarly achievement and excellence in teaching. Their work should also show evidence of unusual promise. The Society has a particular interest in fostering innovative interdisciplinary approaches in the humanities and social sciences.

Fellows must reside in or near Princeton during the academic year of their fellowship term in order that they can attend weekly seminars and other events on campus.


Host Departments: (affiliation required)
African American Studies, Anthropology, Architecture, Art and Archaeology, Classics, Comparative Literature, East Asian Studies, English, French and Italian, German, History, *Music, Near Eastern Studies, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Sociology, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • PhD candidates in the following areas may apply: Musicology, Music Theory, Ethnomusicology. DMA recipients are not eligible.

Programs of Study: in addition to a departmental host, you may choose to be affiliated with one of the University's interdisciplinary programs (optional).

African Studies; American Studies; Ancient World; Classical Philosophy; Contemporary European Politics and Society; Environmental Studies; European Cultural Studies; Film Studies; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Hellenic Studies; History of Science; Humanistic Studies; Italian Studies; Judaic Studies; Latin American Studies; Latino Studies; Linguistics; Media and Modernity; Medieval Studies; Political Philosophy; Population Studies; Renaissance Studies; Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies; South Asian Studies; Theater and Dance; Translation and Intercultural Communication; Urban Studies; Values and Public Life

Natural sciences: Astrophysics only (Spitzer and Russell Fellowships)

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